Wood Burning Heaters (Stoves)

Wood burning heaters (stoves) have been gaining popularity in most of the homes.

These stoves are kept in for the basic purpose of providing heat and warmth to the house and also are viewed as decorative item. There are many types of heaters or stoves available in the market with various options for fuels.

With the global and environmental awareness, most of the homeowners are reverting back to natural fuels and suddenly wood burning heaters (stove) have been in demand. The wood being a natural fuel is least pollutant, economical, readily available and eco friendly. There are many other fuel option stoves and heaters are available, however the mass is demanding heaters using wood fuel. Wood fuel has been in use since ages and with the global awareness the wood heaters and stoves are back on the shelves.

The heaters and stoves available in the market come in varying shapes, sizes, capacity and utility. The heaters can be widely categorized according to indoor and outdoor usability. The heaters are all metallic and provide a cozy glow and warmth in the room.

These heaters are available in varying sizes depending on the size of the room and also the range of area which needs to be kept warm. The basic structures of these heaters are made of stainless steel baffle, cast iron door and wide ash drawer.

Some of these heaters have a heating capacity of almost 12 to 15 hours with 25 lbs. of wood and can heat up an area of almost 2500 sq. feet. Some of the heaters also come along with a blower to evenly distribute the warm air in all the corners of the room.

Most of the heaters are certified according to safety standards viz. UL and EPA. The performance of these heaters mostly depends on the material, amount of wood at one time and other parameters like blowers etc.

These heaters are very popular in the cold continents and find place in almost all the homes. These heaters have even been seeing replacing the conventional fire place which has the limitation of not being able to spread the warmth to all the corners of the home.

Some of the heaters also have cooking lids on top to frying pan or teakettle. This again adds more usability of the heaters using the conventional wood fuel. These heaters are also available in designer patters also.

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