Winter Gardening

Fall and winter are exceptionally good times to try out new things when it comes to gardening. Winter gardening enthusiasts can experiment all they want, with different species, patterns, colors and styles.

Winter Gardening
The weather is harsh for sure, but when planted after a good research and knowledge, container gardens are a treat to the eyes and can also be made to last long. Following are a few tips to create that spectacular fall and Winter Garden:

Stocking the Long-lasting plants

Summer is a season that brings in many flowers, colorful plantations and shrubs that can withstand the summer sun. But while planning your winter garden, you must encroach the territory knowing the weather conditions and pick the plants which do well in all three seasons.

Reading about container plantation also helps. Falls and Winter are great times to bring out your creative hats and mix and match the colors out of the ordinary. Some good suggestions for fall containers are:

• Coral bells

• Sedum

• Grasses

• Lambs ear

• Ivy

• Creeping Jenny

• Hens and Chicks

Snow Friendly and Cold Lover Plants

There are many plants available in the market today that actually do extremely well and are nurtured to the maximum in the winter winds and snow. The good news is, some of these look stunning with a coat of snow on them. These are a few of the Snow Friendly plants that you can get your hands on:

Winter Gardening

• Flowering cabbages

• Flowering kales

• Annual grasses

• Sages

• Flaxes

• Pansies

• New Zealand Flax

Getting Ready for Frost

While you must consistently water your plants the gardener needs to stop the fertilizer and weed prevention sprays on the plants, at least five to six days prior to the date for first snow, as shown in the forecasts. Plants that do extremely well in Winter Gardens include:

Asparagus: Well set in their permanent beds in winter.

Argula or Rocket lettuce: Highly demanding by nature, Argula plants grow in a fast and rapid manner in adequately moistened soil and thus does well in winter and fall as well.

Broccoli: Sprouting Broccoli well watered are good bets for all seasons and are known as Shoguns, since they are planted and harvested all year round. Winters are actually ideal times for Broccoli as they prevent the damage of the plants by insects and pests that they are so prone to during the summer.

Romaine Lettuce: This is a plant that resembles a cauliflower. This plant is primarily used in American salads and is a great option for fall and winter. Green and Yellow in colour when they are in full bloom; Romaine Lettuce needs a good amount of water.

Chives: These mild in taste leaves, which are onion-flavored, grow in clumps during the winter and fall. They take up little space and need less attention as they grow even with mild watering. These plants are pest free, insect free and are not really harmed by fluctuating temperatures.

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