Wind Power Generators

Home wind power generators harnesses the wind energy to power homes and commercial buildings and offers considerable savings on energy bills. The power of wind has been used for ages by humans for grinding grain, pumping water from Earth and for sailing ships. Today’s wind generators are a far cry from traditional windmills. Home wind generator today is highly efficient and sleek machine that produces alternate energy. These can be used for both small scale as well as large operations.

The first battery chargers powered by the home wind power generators came into existence in 1990s. Today’s generators are highly advanced and can do much more than charge batteries. If your property has a particular place which enjoys a continuous blow of wind, a single home wind generator is enough to produce enough power.

Wind Power Generators
The ideal average wind speed required for this is 9 mph. The home wind generators must be placed at least 60 feet above the ground level.

The blades of the system are connected to the magnetic generators. Electrical power is produced as these generators turn along with the blades when the wind blows. This power is converted to usable alternating current from direct current by passing it through an inverter. Cost of complete installation of an 80 foot generator range between $30,000 and $45,000. In the long run however, the energy savings compensate for the high price.

Honeywell home wind power generator is popularly used as its unique design completely eliminates the need for a separate generator and therefore gearing. Electricity in this system is generated by the turbine itself as the magnet tipped blades are enclosed in a wheel that contains copper. Honeywell wind generator effectively overcomes the gear resistance with just 7 to 8 mph wind. This system weighs around 165 pounds, works in 2 mph winds and is priced at $5,500.

Jellyfish is a micro-wind turbine that has the capability of producing enough energy to power homes and offer great energy savings. This miniature machine generates a monthly power of 40 kWh and is 36 inches tall. Priced only at $400, Jellyfish’s simple operation system and great power generating capacity makes this brand one of the most popular.

Jellyfish home wind generator automatically generates power when the wind blows through the variable speed induction generator which is connected directly to the wall socket. This system can be just mounted on the wind towers, roof tops or even on street light poles. Jellyfish interestingly can produce and deliver power exactly where we need it working in conjunction with the already existing power grid. This eliminates the requirement for expensive infrastructure for transmission. In fact, reviews suggest that what computer is for the IT industry, Jellyfish will be for the wind power industry.

Wind is an inexhaustible source of energy which can be effectively harnessed to power our homes just like the solar energy. Making use of the abundantly available natural energy sources help save our environment and can also reduce the harmful effects of global warming. provides generator repair services in UAE.

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