Whole House Air Purifier

Do you need a whole house air purifier? While there are a few reasons why someone may want to purchase a room air purifier only, the majority of the time people need an air purifier for the entire home. People do not stay in just one room, they move throughout the house. Also, odors, bacteria, pollens and molds don’t just originate or stay in one room.

The idea of a house-wide air purifier is to keep the air quality fairly consistent throughout the home. It does not make a lot of sense to walk from room to room with some of them having the air purified and others not.

If someone has pets, those pets wander through each room leaving hair and pet dander behind. Unless there is an air purifier for the whole house, there will be rooms left with pet dander and pet hair left in them.

What To Look For In An Air Purifier

There are many brands, many makes and models and you will have to do a little comparison shopping to find the best one. Since your air purifier will be working day and night, 24/7, you may want to look for something energy efficient. This information is usually on the outside box of the unit.

Also look for something relatively quiet as well as one that redistributes the air at least twice a day. If possible, choose one with a HEPA filter which provides the best filtration of air impurities.

The Cost of a Whole House Purifier

These units are relatively inexpensive and that is before you consider the money that will be saved in doctor visits and prescriptions, missed days of work and so forth. Some people think that air conditioning is expensive until it is 100 degrees outside and they don’t have one. Then it seems like a steal!

Air purifiers do just that; they purify the air. They rid your house of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, odors, allergens, pollens, smoke and so much more. You will notice the difference within a couple of days of running your whole house air purifier.

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