Ways of Recycling Domestic Waste Products

by Erich Lawson

Recycling process

Recycling process

With different climatic changes affecting the natural balance of earth, it is imperative to recycle household waste in every way we can. Recycling is the best way of returning what you have taken away from nature, and this process should be followed in every household.

Moreover, it is a very good teaching lesson for our kids that anything that is usable can be recycled. This not only teaches them better waste management, but also helps them learn to save our planet from various industrial hazards.

Many a times, it has been seen that people throw away items that they think are not worthy of use anymore. However, these items can be recycled without any hassle and, that too, with little effort. To accomplish this, you would need to know how to recycle various types of waste.

Paper Waste:

Wastage of paper is pretty common in every household. However, it is not necessary to throw away waste paper. When taking a print, make sure to print on both sides as this helps save paper and ink, both. Do not throw away unused prints, rather staple them together to use the empty side as a scratch pad. Also, sell your newspapers to vendors who make paper bags. You can also do the same thing at home, which will eventually reduce the use of plastic bags. It is also imperative that you divide your paper waste in different categories, so that once it goes to the recycling center, it can be separated easily.

Food Waste:

When it comes to recycling different types of food waste, your garden is the best place. Vegetable and fruit skins can be dried and used with soil as natural manure. You can always use food waste in your composting process, which is the best organic manure for organic farming. Do not throw away leftover food; rather, refrigerate and eat it later.

Plates and Cups:

There are many things that can be reused for household decor. Small tea containers can be used as candle stands. You can also pour candle wax in them to make candles. If your dinner and breakfast plates have lost their luster and shine, then just paint them again in beautiful patterns. This can be hung on the walls as pieces of artwork. You can also use broken pieces of ceramic cups and plates and stick them together to form a unique piece of home décor item.

Glass, Aluminum and Metal Waste:

It is better to keep a separate bag for aluminum and metal waste items. There are special vendors who buy these items, which are eventually sold to recycling companies so that they can use these to recreate different products. You can use glass bottles and containers for storing different types of food, as glass does not react with other ingredients.

Energy Waste:

Though there is no way to recycle energy wastage, you can always conserve it. When going grocery shopping, walk rather than using your car. This will help in saving a lot of gas, along with giving your body the much needed exercise. It has been seen that there are many people who keep the engine of their car running when standing at a traffic light. This not only uses extra gas, but also puts undue pressure on the motor engine.

Hence, it is better to switch it off to conserve energy. Also, switch off the lights and other electrical appliances when not in use and turn off the electrical connections that you do not need at night. Avoid switching on the light bulb till you can. Rather, open the windows and draw away the curtains to enjoy natural light.

These are some ways of recycling at your home. However, you can always find different and innovative ways of restoring the balance in Mother Nature.

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