Types Of Water Pollution

Water pollution is one of the biggest topics of concern for everyone with the new types of water pollution immerging regularly.
With increasing demands and ever-growing desires, people have crossed their limits. Industrialization has opened a door of opportunity and prosperity. However, it has remarkably affected air, water and earth.

The condition is such that people don’t have better place to live. Water cycle has totally got disturbed and different types of pollution have come into existence. Harmful pollutants have extremely influenced all spheres of life.

According to survey, there are mainly two types and they are distinguished according to sources of pollution. These sources are divided into following categories:

• Point sources of pollution

• Non point sources of water pollution

Non-point source of water pollution is mainly caused due to the mixing of pesticides and fertilizes into the rivers. At times, these chemicals are washed away because of heavy rain and storms. Leakage in a sewer pipe is another reason for water pollution. It increases the level of toxic substances in the rivers.

There are various reasons for water pollution. Many a times industries don’t treat their waste materials and directly dump them into the rivers. Out of all types of water pollution, organic pollution is a distinct kind of water pollution.

It affects the water system and causes severe effect on the life of living organism. Organic pollution is mainly caused by swage or manure. This pollutant mixes into the river during large scale farming practices.

Organic pollution is extremely dangerous for aquatic life as organic matter reduces the level of oxygen in the river. Besides, high levels of phosphates and nitrogen decrease quantity of oxygen in the water and create “dead zones” which enhance the growth of algae.

When algae grow in large quantity, they kill fish and plants. Thermal pollution is another type of water pollution which is caused by large coolant used in big power plant. Excessive heating of water reduces the oxygen levels and this water is not suitable for marine animals.

Ecological pollution is caused by nature and it is highly responsible for water pollution. This kind of pollution is mainly caused by landslides, dead animals drowning into rivers, volcanic eruptions and other natural calamities. Common people are also responsible for water pollution as they don’t treat anything before discharging it.

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