A Look at the Types of Alternative Medicine

Are you aware of the many different types of alternative medicine? There is actually an entire area of the modern medical field dedicated to what is commonly called CAM or complementary and alternative medicine. This includes a long list of practices that range from aromatherapy to homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, and much more.
Though there is a single definition for alternative medicine (which is usually broad and describing a healing practice outside the realm of traditional medicine) there are actually many different types of alternative medicine in general.

These are often partnered or paired with conventional treatments to accomplish some astounding results. Often, however, alternative medicine is used on its own to help someone to overcome a specific set of issues. Additionally, those who are interested in the different kinds of alternative medicine will also discover that they can easily blend and mix them too.

Types Of Alternative Medicine
For instance, the alternative medicine known as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine will use everything from herbalism and acupuncture to special massage and dietary approaches as well. This illustrates the fact that some of the different types of alternative medicine have a range of tactics within their own system and some are just one approach to medicine.

In general, however, you will discover that alternative medicines are broken out into categories such as products, mind and body medicines, manipulative principles, and additional categories that are not so easily defined, such as Tai Chi or Ayurvedic medicine.

It is a good idea to approach the use of alternative medicine by first identifying the level to which you will use it for your own treatment or care. Will you try to find a comprehensive solution to all of your medical needs (apart from broken bones and medical emergencies) through one of the different alternative approaches OR are you hoping to address something like back pain, stress or chronic fatigue through one of the categories instead?

Once you have a clearer understanding of what you will ask of alternative medicines and treatments, you can make a much wiser choice. If you do decide to utilize alternative medicine as a comprehensive cure, you are going to want to explore areas such as naturopathy, homeopathy, or Traditional Chinese Medicine because they are designed to work as entire medical systems. The other categories such as Tai Chi, Reflexology, and herbalism may be best suited for a single issue, though they can be used for health and well being in general as well.

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