7 Natural Ways to Treat Daily Anxiety

Regular anxiety affects millions of people. At any given time you may experience mild to moderate symptoms that prevent you from enjoying your daily life and engaging in everyday activities.

Anxiety has more power than most people realize, and it’s not uncommon to find that your anxiety causes worry and concerns that make living every day more of a challenge.

You deserve to enjoy your life, which is why relieving daily anxiety is so important. But the medicines that most doctors prescribe in order to reduce that anxiety is not ideal for mild to moderate anxiety sufferers.

Those medicines can be highly addictive, cause a wide range of side effects, and may create a mind fuzz that – while it may reduce your anxiety – also makes it harder to be who you really are.

That is why it is so important to find safe and natural ways to treat and relieve your anxiety issues.

Medicines for anxiety are simply not a great choice, especially for those suffering from less severe anxiety.

Natural Treatments

It’s important to always remember that therapy is a safe and effective way to address your anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, has proven success in helping people recover from daily nervousness and anxiety, and does so without any medicine or chemicals. Yet if you cannot afford therapy or would like ideas to help complement its effects, here are several natural treatments for addressing your anxiety:

• Exercise

Yes, something as simple as exercise can have a drastic effect on your anxiety levels. For many, anxiety is actually a form of misplaced energy. Exercise relaxes your body, which in turn relaxes your mind. It also creates endorphins that improve your mood and makes your entire body healthier, which should decrease the severity of anxiety symptoms.

• Kava

Kava is a natural herb that has shown many benefits for relieving anxiety. Using its primary ingredient (kavalactones), kava can promote a strong feeling of relaxation, all with a natural and effective herb. It’s important that you do not consume alcohol while you take kava, but the effects of kava itself have been likened to some of the calming effects of light alcohol use.

• Social Support

Interestingly, one of the best ways to reduce daily anxiety is simply to create closer friendships and engage in fun activities. Those that have very close, healthy friendships often find that they feel less nervous in most situations, which leads to less anxiety overall. In addition, by engaging in fun activities, you are keeping your mind off the things that concern you.

• Cutting Out Anxiety Fuel

One of the most natural treatments for anxiety is not a treatment at all. Rather it is the willingness and ability to cut out the things in your life that cause anxiety. Stressful relationships and a bad job are two great examples, but you should also be cutting out smaller actions as well.

Those that experience general anxiety need to avoid drinking caffeine, and it’s important to not watch scary movies or ride in roller coasters because the tension you feel during those activities can lead to an increase in your daily anxiety over time.

• Relaxation Exercises

There are several relaxation exercises that are very useful for as an anxiety treatment and to reduce panic attacks.

Deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are daily activities that take just a few minutes and can keep your body feeling relaxed and less on edge. There are several different relaxation strategies that you can employ, and if you find one that works for you, you’ll notice that your overall stress level will drop considerably.

• Additional Herbs

There are other herbs that may help you relax as well. Passionflower and Inositol may have anti-anxiety effects, and chamomile and various types of tea may have their own natural soothing properties.

For those with severe anxiety, some of these basic teas may not be enough to reduce all of the anxiety symptoms, but for others a little bit of decaf tea every day may be the relaxation tool you need.

• Write Down Thoughts

Anxiety is caused by a variety of different things. One of the causes most often forgotten is the need of the brain to remember. When your brain has something on its mind, it will fight to try to keep it there, and that can disrupt your sleep and increase your stress/anxiety. Keeping a journal with you to write down your thoughts can have a valuable calming effect, knowing that you have all of your thoughts in one place.

Finding Harmless Treatments

Therapy is still a valuable way to combat anxiety. But simply changing your life around anti-anxiety herbs, activities, and strategies can be a big help. Anxiety medications have their place, but for those that want to avoid these powerful medications for anxiety, the above list of natural treatments can be highly beneficial and won’t harm your body.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera had severe anxiety and focused several natural cures to help relieve the symptoms. He writes about what he found at www.calmclinic.com.

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