Stress Relief Tips

By arming yourself with these stress relief tips, you can live a happier, healthier life.

With bills coming in every day and unnerving bosses, not to mention the possible stresses of parenting and life in general, it may seem there is no way to get rid of stress. There is, but it takes some time and commitment to work. It is a matter of taking control (control that you may not even realize you have yet) of your life and the situation and most importantly, your body’s reaction.

There are some things you can do to begin to identify the different types of stressors in your life. Some are temporary, some are long lasting. To begin with stress relief you also need to identify where the stress is coming from. This is usually the easy part. Knowing that you can control stress and learning how to do that is the difficult part, but there are many stress relief techniques that will help.

A person’s stress level is and can be within their control. Once the stressors are identified it will be time to identify what role you play in letting the stress affect you and your life. There are several steps to all of this but in the end, you have a much less stressful life.

Stress Relief Tips

Dealing With Stress

As mentioned, the first thing you want to do is list the stressors that are in your life. Your work, boss, child, spouse, finances...List all of the stressors you can identify. Then, next to each item, list whether they are temporary or permanent stressors. The next step is going to take some soul searching; what role do you play to increase the stress? Write that down too. Perhaps your teenager causes you stress because you are too lenient with them or perhaps your friends irritate you because you never tell them “no”. Whatever the reason, right it down.

Keep a Stress Journal

Keeping journals can be a great way to keep track of stresses and stress relief tips. Journals can also be used to chart your progress on something you may be working on (like saying no more often). Write in the journal every day. This is a very natural technique in dealing with stress and it also helps you to learn about yourself. Identify in your journal what happens that causes stress and what role you played in it. Also jot down what you did to eliminate or curb the stress.

A stress relief journal is just one of many good stress relief tips that you can benefit from. Start with this basic first step, learn more good stress reliving tips, and build a better life for yourself, both emotionally and physically.

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