Stress Relaxation Techniques

We lead extremely stress-full lives these days. Work pressures, personal battles, deadlines, future planning, you name it and it causes stress. What should one do to combat stress in a way that even with stress causing factors, one does not get affected by it.

Stress Relaxation Techniques
There are numerous stress relaxation techniques that have been developed to keep the stress at bay. With the lifestyles we lead these days and the pressures of performing, these techniques come in real handy when wanting to collect your breath. Some important stress relaxation techniques are mentioned below:

Meditation – Meditation is simply breathing. It reduces stress to a large level by channeling the oxygen to your brains thereby having a calming effect.

It is a very popular stress buster that most people can employ anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Meditation also aids in providing distraction and improves concentration on a certain task at hand.

Yoga – Yoga has been a popular form of exercise for many years and lowers stress by leaps and bounds if practiced regularly. It is the union of exercise and meditation and helps in relieving tensed muscles. Yoga strengthens the body as well as the mind. It is therapeutic and stress is combated effectively.

Exercise – Exercising the mind and body is of utmost importance to counter stress and stress induced diseases. The body emits cortisol and adrenaline from the adrenal glands that further causes the pituitary glands to be activated creating a good and calming feeling in the body. Endorphins or the ‘happy hormones’ are secreted and this lowers stress to a large extent.

Green tea/caffeine – Take a cup of some relaxing green tea or a cup of coffee and sip on it slowly. Ensure that your surroundings are calm and comfortable and your mind is slowing down. Caffeine has a calming effect on the nerves and also releases soothing hormones.

Chocolate too has a similar effect on the body. Stress can be countered by sipping on your favorite flavor of tea, musing over a cup of coffee or biting into a hearty piece of chocolate. Watch the intake of caffeine as too much of it can lead to other health related issues. Take your pick but take care to stay within the required limits.

Stress Relaxation Techniques

Sleep – Sleep cycles gone haywire can play havoc with one’s life. Lack of proper sleep makes one irritable and you are unable to concentrate on any given task with due attention. One must take care to sleep for a minimum of six hours every night and try to catch up on sleep whenever possible if you do not get six hours at a stretch. Six to eight hours of sleep is a must as it helps in reenergizing the body and enhances productivity.

Massages/Aromatherapy – These are great stress relievers as they soothe the body and calm the senses. Massages and aroma healing are popular stress relaxation methods and refresh the energy levels.

There are several stress relaxation techniques that can reduce stress to a large extent but one must take care to choose a technique that suits them. Trying different techniques helps but one must select a few that work for you and practice those thoroughly.

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