Stevia Plant Is Highly Beneficial

Stevia is an amazing zero calorie, zero carbohydrate substitute for sweetener made from Stevia plant. It is a perpetual bush of the Asteraceae family local to Brazil and Paraguay, mainly known for its capacity to hamper fat amalgamation.

Popularity of this product has been on rise ever since it came into the market. Even the biggest brands of cold drinks are thinking of using this as their major ingredient.

The reason behind its great demand is that it fits well in the search for healthier options to sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Due to this reason it has turned out to be seen as the sweetener which will have its monopoly in the market in the near future. The main causes because of which Stevia has been able to make a name for it are:

• Stevia is completely herbal or entirely natural since it is made from the extracts of the Stevia plant leaves.

• It is safe to use and has been in use for quite a long duration of time without any unsafe effects on the users of any part of the world in terms of toxicity. Although Stevia faced obstacles for a certain period by the administrative bodies but very soon the matter was resolved and it regained its hold on the market.

• Stevia is sweeter in comparison to sugar. It comprises sugary tasting glycosides, particularly Stevioside. It also contains rebaudiosides A, C, B, D and E, steviolbioside and dulcoside A. All its herbal constituents make it much sweeter than sugar and quite stable at required temperature.

• Stevia is a healthy product and completely natural. It contains no calories or carbohydrates and even shows off a ranking of zero in the glycemic guide. Contrary to sugar it does not disturb the mineral equilibrium of a fit body.

It does not even decrease the rate and amount of nutrient incorporation received from the intake of healthy food items. Stevia prepared from Stevia extracts does not leave any impact on the ordinary blood sugar which matters a lot in case of diabetics patients.

• Stevia is less expensive when compared with equal amount of sugar needed for the human body; for instance 8oz. of the former costs $12.95 while $25 is what 50 pounds of sugar costs. So it means you will have to pay a lot when you are opting for sugar; thus making it a very costly affair.

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