Steam Mops - A Revolution In Home Cleaning

Why use steam mops? Here's a good answer: You are in the kitchen and your toddler crawls across the kitchen floor; sodden cookie in his hand. He sits up and eats that sticky mess before you get to him...and then you realize you just used a heavy cleaner on that floor.

Did he probably just ingest some awful chemicals? Yes...and the worst part of this answer is that he is probably getting the same chemicals on his skin as he makes his way across the "clean" floors every day.

This may seem like a dilemma because you do need to keep the floors clean, but you don't want to do so by jeopardizing the health of everyone in the household. What's the solution? Steam mops! They use superheated steam to clean surfaces and to kill germs. They can do much more than any chemical cleanser because they are actually going to blast the surface and collect the debris.

The best of the modern steam mops are somewhat similar to regular floor steaming machines. They send out the hot steam while also sucking up the particles and the remaining moisture.

If the machines did not work in this way, you would find that the surfaces remained sopping wet and covered in grime, and this is why you do need to consider only the models with suction if you are going to purchase one in the near future.

Now, before you wrinkle your nose and say that the traditional chemicals and the regular vacuum cleaner have been working just fine, and come with the extensions you need for things like drapes and furnishings, you have to understand that many steam-cleaning machines also offer these same attachments. They also totally eliminate the need for any of the cleansers.

It is understandable to question whether or not a steamer is going to "work" for your needs, but it is also necessary to simply weigh the "pros and cons".

A steam mop will not have to be consistently replenished with supplies, will operate on the most basic systems without any complicated parts, tubs, or vats into which things must be added, and will kill almost any of the germs your home might become contaminated with.

Why risk the health of children, pets, and loved ones by spreading chemicals over surfaces to make them clean? Why not put the natural power of heated steam to work and keep your home spotless and safe? There is no need to sweep or vacuum the floor before using a steam mop. In dries instantly and hence can be used on the wooden floor. In fact the steam mop does a good job on all floors. The mop pad is suitable to be used on ceramic tile, laminating floor, vinyl and even hard wood.

This mop is good in removing any type of mess, tough or sticky. It is easy to operate and easy to handle. Generally this type of mop is very useful in cleaning in large areas too. The mop pads are reusable and can be washed.

They can pick up even animal hair, dirt and dust. These mops are perfect to clean kitchen and all other rooms. By using this we can maintain a dust free atmosphere at home or offices.


• They disinfect without using any chemicals.

• The microfiber pad is reusable.

• They can also be used to clean carpets. While cleaning carpets they kill the dust and remove stains.

• With the help of steam this mop removes stains on the floor. On wooden floors, it even removes the residue left behind by the previous hand mop.


• User can burn the hand if the mop is not handled properly.

• The microfiber pad is expensive.

• It carries a risk of fire.

• Plugging and unplugging from power socket carries the risk of electric shock.

There are different companies selling this product. Some of them include Haan, Eureka and Bissell.

Haan steam mop is one of the best in the industry. It spreads steam evenly on the floor. While other mops generally have one steam jet, Hann has 15 steam jets. Since it uses only 800 watts of power we can save on our electricity bills too.

They are made with heavy duty material and are very durable. This mop produces steam for continuous 20 minutes without refilling water. It can also be used on mattresses, cushions and carpets. Since it emits steam at 212 degrees it can clean away pathogens and eliminate other virus and bacterium from floor.

Bissell mop comes in a sleek design. It cleans vinyl floor dust free and streak free. On ceramic floor it shows its strength by cleaning the grout lines too. Bissell’s product is excellent on hardwood and cleans without causing any damage.

Eureka Envirosteamer is a mop that blows continuous steam. It absorbs both water and dirt. It has a heat up/ cool down foam tray which helps in protecting floor surfaces. It comes with adjustable handles and helps clean the edges and corners effectively.

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