Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Good For You And The Environment

If you have spend some time to get your life greener, you may have heard about stainless steel water bottles and their beneficial contribution to the environment.

Drinking pure, clean water is essential to good health; so it is important to make sure that your drinking water is good for you, and good for the planet.

Plastic drinking bottles are everywhere, and recent discoveries point to the fact that many plastic bottles contain harmful Bisphenol A (BPA). Aluminum water bottles require plastic liners, so they can make water taste funny. To ensure you have the freshest tasting water, consider getting your very own stainless steel water bottle from PrintGlobe.

Benefits of Using a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are very

Water Bottles
practical, because you can always carry your water with you, and you have no plastic to discard later. Unfortunately, many popular, inexpensive plastic water bottles contain BPA, which is a human endocrine disruptor. It can mimic the body’s hormones; studies have shown that it has cancer causing tendencies.

There is well-founded concern that BPA may leach into drinking water from the reusable plastic drinking water bottles that are used in an effort to reduce the use of disposable bottles, so stainless steel bottles are a healthy alternative. Some advantages of stainless steel water bottles are:

High Quality – Stainless steel bottles are high quality, and are designed to last a lifetime with proper care.

Dishwasher Safe – One of the nicest features of stainless steel drinking bottles is that they are dishwasher safe. You can hand wash them too!

Pleasant To Use – Drinking water from a stainless steel water bottle is pleasant – since stainless steel is impermeable, it does not retain any odors or flavors from anything that is put in it. In addition, the stainless steel feels cool to the touch and makes drinking from your water bottle feel pleasant.

Reduces Waste – By refilling your stainless steel water bottle and bringing it with you, you reduce the number of plastic bottles that enter the waste stream. Despite manufacturer’s and recycler’s best intentions, plastic bottles end up in streams and in the ocean where they drift to “trash islands” or garbage patches. The largest garbage patch is the size of Texas, and it floats in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco. Pictures of the trash show plastic bottles galore.

Accessories and Extras

Different stainless steel water bottle manufacturers offer various products to go nicely with the bottles they make. Here are some examples of accessories you can find to make the most of your bottle.

Water Filters – If you enjoy hiking, camping, or fishing and often need to refill your canteen from various sources, a good water filter is a necessity.

Water Filter Adapters – Water Filter Adapters are available from some manufacturers. They fit the water bottle on one end, and a standard backcountry water filter on the other, so you can use your existing filtration system with your new bottle.

Sports Caps and Spouts – If you like to drink from a sports cap or spout, these are available – some are lined with stainless steel instead of plastic, even though the plastic lids most manufacturers offer contain no BPA.

Bike Cages – Special bike cages to fit your favorite mode of green transportation may be available to fit your new water bottle.

Remember to check on availability before purchasing your water bottle. Some manufacturers offer different things, so if a certain type of accessory is important, be sure it is available before you invest in your bottle.

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