Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Solar rechargeable batteries are storage batteries that have a solar cell embedded in them, which is enclosed in a case that is cylindrical in shape.

These batteries are reversible electrically and use electrochemical reactions as their base.

They come in a range of sizes and combinations of chemicals. They are secondary cells which predominantly use nickel cadmium and lead.

Solar Rechargeable Batteries
Solar batteries are famous for the environmental advantage they offer as compared to the normal batteries. This type of battery helps reduce landfills and land pollution in contrast to the usual disposable batteries.

Solar batteries also provide certain level of economic benefits. Though the initial making cost is high, they can be charged as many times as one wants to. A solar lamp post is one of the equipments that use solar rechargeable batteries.

This is portable light equipment that has a LED, a solar panel and solar batteries as part of its components.

The other uses of solar batteries include vehicle starters, golf carts, forklifts and certain uninterruptible power supplies.

Some of the new age techniques like hybrid automobiles and vehicles use these batteries in order to reduce cost, weight and increase the life period.

Solar Lamp Post

Solar lamp post uses batteries which recharge during the day and nearing sunset, they turns off automatically. According to the level of recharge they provide light through the night.

• The discharge time for a fully charged solar lamp post is around 8 – 10 hours. These lamps are easily portable and maintenance free. They are a clever alternative to the conventional lamps.

• Solar batteries differ from primary cells in usage that is they have to be recharged before use. This is a setback to consumers who want their batteries readymade and ready to use. But this has been corrected to meet the client requirement too.

• Now the low self discharge batteries already come with 70% recharged capacity and are ready to use.

Energy Saving Lamps

Solar Rechargeable Batteries
Energy Saving Lamps are another type of lamps which consume only 50% of energy as against the conventional lamps which give an output of 80%.

• Apart from using solar batteries, these energy saving lamps also have a reduced level of Carbon-di-oxide emission, which makes them a highly preferred option.

• The energy saving lamps have lesser mercury levels than the incandescent lamps and can be disposed of in a safe manner.

• The fact that these lamps use the environmental friendly solar batteries makes it a favorable alternative.

Industrial Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Industrial Solar Batteries are used in some of the grid energy storage devices that are helpful in load leveling where electric energy is stored to be used during the peak load hours.

Industrially the batteries are charged during low demand periods and are stored in the grids so that they can be used when the demand for electrical energy is very high. Thus Solar Batteries helps significantly with load leveling.

Due to the limitation of natural resources on our planet countries like US, Canada and UK are going for renewable energy sources to sustain the ongoing need of people and to cut down on toxic effects on the environment. Renewable energy sources cost much less in comparison to fossil fuels and are not limited which is a better alternative for the future. As renewable energy sources are not limited so the costs will go down as the demand increases over time.

The article describes solar panels are widely used in practice. The company OnlineSolarPanes.Net can equip your house roof from these panels. This will allow you to significantly reduce the harm you and the natural environment!

Installation of solar panels is certainly indicator of your civil liability in an effort to make our environment better. At the same time it is quite expensive. If you need financial help take cash advance for this purpose. In fact, after the installation of solar panels you will be able to significantly reduce payments for electricity bills and reduce taxes. This allows you to quickly pay off the loan and obtain a net profit.

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