Solar Powered Water Heater

Solar powered water heater helps heat water for various purposes by harnessing solar power to generate energy. These green technology systems use the renewable and free energy from the sun to generate power to heat water. Solar powered water heaters contain a solar collector and two storage tanks that are insulated. The radiant energy is gathered in the collector. There are different types of solar collectors namely the Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, the Flat Plate Collectors and the Integral Collector Storage.

The two major systems of these water heaters are the passive heating system and the active heating system. Passive solar water heating systems are simple and easy to use.

Solar Water Heater

They are also highly reliable and long lasting. However, they are not as efficient as the active systems. The two types of passive systems include the Thermosyphon Model and the Integral Collector-Storage Passive Model.

Active solar water heating systems on the other hand comes as a pre-packaged kit in a small box. This system makes good use of the sun’s energy and is a complete, specially engineered, integrated system offering superior performance.

One of the most popular active water heaters is offered by Caleffi. This solar heater in a box is made using the highest quality material and offers enhanced and optimized performance.

Caleffi ensures professional installation in an easy and quick manner and also provides a comprehensive warranty plan. Caleffi water heaters can be installed in existing as well as newly constructed homes. These water heaters are highly flexible offering a host of installation options such as ground mounts and roof installations.

Progressive Tube PT-40 is a self contained passive solar water heating device. This single unit system seamlessly integrates the storage tank and the solar collector in the most effective manner.

This solar heater works on solar radiation and local water pressure and therefore makes no use of electrical and mechanical components, controls or pumps. This ensures extended life as there are no moving parts and therefore practically no maintenance required.

PT-40 solar water heating system features a drain tap and a bypass valve with the help of which users can empty the water collector, especially during hard freezes. This automated system works by circulating water in the collector and keeping it hot until it is used.

When there is a requirement for hot water, conventional water heater draws the solar water that is pre-heated thereby greatly reducing the amount of gas or electricity required for heating. Priced less than $1,800, ProgressiveTube PT-40 is an excellent buy and good value for money as it reduces the heating costs in a year by fifty to ninety percent.

Polar water heaters look attractive and are highly functional. This water heater is ideal for an average sized family and helps save on energy bill to a great extent. Solar water heaters are excellent energy saving options.

You can choose from many different brands available in the market depending upon your specific requirements and size of the family. Go green and save money with solar powered water heaters.

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