Arriving at Solar Panels Cost for Your Home

Today, with more and more awareness of our depleting energy sources, solar panels cost has become a hot topic of research and discussion in the internet world.

When someone asks ‘what would be the cost of solar panels?’ the question itself can be looked from two angles. They are either asking the cost of a solar panel or they are interested to know the cost of powering their house with solar panels.

Whatever the reason, it is good to know the basics of cost workings of the solar panels that work on Sun’s energy. This tops the list of non-depleting energy resources available today.

Solar Panels Cost
The cost of a solar panel could depend upon whether one is looking at ready made panels available in the market or the cost to build a panel by oneself. If you are looking for ready made ones, it could cost you around say $900 per panel or roughly about $12 per watt.

At this rate, to set up a small solar system to power an energy-thrift house may work out to about $25000 dollars and for a large set up, it can cost anywhere around $50000 dollars or more. Hence the actual cost depends entirely on the energy requirement of the home in question.

On the other hand, it is actually possible to build your own solar panels with a little knowledge and effort and some commonly available tools. This way, the actual cost of building a solar panel could be as low as $200 per panel.

There are very detailed online guides that give step by step instruction about what materials to procure, what kind of solar cells and tools you require and method to go about setting up. So, if you have the time and interest to build your own energy plant, this will be the cheapest way to go about it.

Thus the first step would be to work out the energy consumption of your home. This will be possible by looking at your monthly electricity bill. The KWH (kilowatt hours) figure is the consumption in kilowatt per month. Multiplying this by 1000 will give the consumption in watts. From this, consumption per day can be arrived at (by dividing by 30). Dividing this by the average hours of sunlight you get will (on shortest day in your location) give you the power of solar panels needed to power your home for an hour of daylight. From this solar panels cost could be roughly estimated.

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