What Is A Solar Generator?

Solar generator is seen as the future of our energy needs by energy experts. With the use of nonrenewable energy resources reaching staggering heights, solar energy ranks top in the list of sustainable sources of energy followed by wind and force of water.

Using these forms of energy is inexhaustible and the consumption never affects the supply as with the combustible fuels that we predominantly use today. So, humanity is at the cross roads to reap the benefits of these energy sources or fast spiral into energy crunch that has already made its presence felt by ever rising fuel costs.

Using solar energy marks the beginning of an energy revolution at a time where there is a global awareness about the pollution and the drastic environmental effects of burning fuel be it petrol, diesel, propane etc. Thus it is worthwhile to know how energy could be generated from sunlight.

Based on solar energy there are two kinds of solar energy systems that have come into use. One set of appliances use the solar energy as heat energy and the other converts this heat energy to electrical energy for small, medium to large scale power generation.

The main components of a solar energy based generator consist of the following parts:

a. Sunlight is collected by a device called solar panel otherwise known as photovoltaic cell.

b. A device to store energy for night time use.

c. Of course plenty of sunlight. Thus the success of a solar device is driven predominantly by the amount of sunlight gathered at a particular location, the hours of sunlight on an average, the location of the place etc.

Thus, for large energy requirements, solar panels have to be strategically installed in different angles, for miles to meet the energy demand.

Today, there are successful deployments of solar power generators in the following areas:

• As an emergency source of energy during power outages

• As a complimentary set up to reduce electricity consumption in residences or villas

• Solar heating of water to supply hot water in hotels and homes

• As an off-grid power source in remote areas

• Small generators to power a TV or a laptop

• Solar calculators are a hit with eco friendly enthusiasts

With more and more research being done to make solar energy, a viable source of energy to handle the present day demand, the day when a solar generator will become a must-have as a TV or laptop is not far off!

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