Solar Energy Water Heater

Houses without solar energy water heater consumes about 6400 kilowatt hours of electricity every year on average, according to a survey by the University of Wisconsin. If the source of electricity of these houses is taken to be a usual power plant, whose energy efficiency is about 30 percent, it would mean that the regular water heater would be accountable for nearlyeight tons of carbon dioxide generatedper year. This is twice the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the average family through their vehicles.

If the same family uses a solar water heater, the amount of carbon dioxide emission would be reduced by almost 16 times, which amounts to just a half ton of carbon dioxide every year. This would be a great step towards restoring the injured planet to its former glory.

Just like any other environmentally friendly product, a solar energy heater would cost up to 10 times that of any conventional water heater. And that is excluding the installation charges. But the fact of the matter is that on the long run, a solar water heater saves a lot more on life cost.

A solar energy water heater normally runs for about 15 to 40 years, much like any conventional water heater, and on average, it pays off those extra charges within 4 to 8 years. Hence, an owner of a solar water heater is likely to make a huge profit on his solar water heater, depending on how long it runs.

The fact that a solar water heater runs so efficiently, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly products on the face of this planet. The greatest concern, however for many people, is that how would they get hot water on a day when the sky is murky. This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about the use of solar energy.

On a day when the sky is covered with dark grey clouds, a considerable amount of sunlight does manage to seep in through the clouds. This is known as diffused sun light.

The solar chargers are so sensitive to the photon particles that are present in sunlight, that they even make the best use of the diffused sunlight that is available on a murky day. Hence, a solar energy heater is not only good for mother earth, but also provides a way for its owner to save a lot of money in the long term.

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