Solar Energy Facts And Information

Solar energy facts have always been a great fascination to mankind.The method of obtaining and utilizing energy from the sun is termed as solar energy. Hydro power, wind power and biomass, fossil fuels are all forms of solar energy.

Today solar energy is successfully deployed in almost all the fields of life such as cooling, heating, cooking, driving vehicles and space craft, communications, lighting and many others.

Solar Energy Facts

A few interesting usage of this system are:

• The major usage of solar energy includes electricity production, drying clothes, cook food, water heating, run power vehicles and other small appliances.

• Solar energy is evaluated in kilowatt-hour. In sunny climate, a 1 kilowatt solar system generates nearly 1,600 kilowatt hours per year and 750 kilowatt hours in cloudy climate.

• 1 kilowatt solar system prevents nearly 170 Ibs of coal burning, 300 Ibs of CO2 release and 105 gallons of water consumption on monthly basis. Thus solar energy is very eco friendly and protects the environment.

• Solar energy can be collected, stored, insulated, absorbed, reflected and transmitted in batteries.

• The third world countries are the fastest growing market for solar energy due to abundance of population and sunlight and shortage of electricity. About 2 million people across globe are without electricity.

• Solar energy is very expensive due to several reasons. Solar energy alternatives are less costly than grid power and fossil fuels.

• Fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil are costly, create pollution, have limited reserves and contribute to global warming. Therefore the popularity of this renewable source of solar energy is growing fast.

• Solar cells, solar greenhouse, solar hot water system and solar thermal power system are a few important applications of solar energy.

• The energy from sum varies widely and depends on location and climatic conditions. 1.4 KW/m2 per hour energy is available without an atmosphere and only 1KW/m2 per hour is available with an atmosphere and in absence of clouds.

• World’s largest solar power plant is located in Mojave Desert n North America. It generates a surprising 90% of the world’s commercial solar power. Japan consumes half of the worldwide production of solar panels for residential applications.

It is a definite fact that the existence of life in universe is due to sun. The production of food and oxygen would not be possible without solar energy. The world now recognizes the value and importance of this boundless source of energy as the supply of fossil fuels declines day by day.

Astonishing solar energy facts have created more awareness amongst the masses today with respect to environment and therefore the popularity of solar energy applications in all walks of life.

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