Sleep Number Beds
Are Not Your Ordinary Bed

Sleep number beds have been the solution to not only many a poor night's sleep, but also many sleep problems and many cases of sleep deprivation.

As anyone who can't sleep can tell you, it’s ALL about a good night's sleep! As many of those people will also tell you, the bed you're sleeping on (or not sleeping on) can make all the difference in the world.

Sleep Number Beds
Having an extremely comfortable bed can make you feel like a new person. For many, that is the sleepnumber bed. Each side can be adjusted to different comfort levels from soft to firm. The air cushions conform to your body instead of your body lying on rows of coils and springs that create pressure points on the body. Many times, that is why we toss and turn.

To give you some idea of the difference a good bed can make to the quality of sleep (and hence the quality of your life), consider the results of just one of many studies performed.

The study found that 87% of bed test subjects spent a higher percentage of sleeping time in the deeper REM stages of sleep. REM is considered a very crucial stage of sleep, and in turn is a strong determining factor in the quality of rest your body receives from your night's sleep.

A Company That Cares

The people at Select Comfort also offer many suggestions on how to get a better night sleep, courtesy of their website. They truly have studied sleep and everything that goes with it including what helps sleep and what hurts sleep.

Many times, it is not just one thing that interferes with sleep patterns. While a comfortable bed goes a long way, there are other adjustments we can make to ensure a good night's sleep.

This includes, as the company states, ruling out medical conditions which may be making sleeping problems worse. Sleep apnea is very common but until that is checked out, an ultra comfortable bed isn’t going to solve the problem (although it may help, especially if you have overlapping sleep problems).

Aging And Sleep

As we age, we tend to sleep less. Not only that, but we are more uncomfortable while sleeping. Pressure points on beds become more noticeable and we wake with more aches and pains; some of which are unexplained.

Having a bed like the Sleep Number bed that conforms to the body helps to ease those aches and pains. It won’t cure arthritis but it will cradle and comfort your body more so than a traditional mattress.

Don’t suffer with pain you don’t have to just because you are getting a bit older, and don't settle for a life interrupted by sleep deprivation. With options like the sleep number beds, there is never any reason to!

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