Removing Chemicals From Grocery Products

The contamination of food by chemicals is a worldwide problem and therefore removing chemicals from grocery products has become more important. Many food products contain chemicals, and if consumed excessively, they may cause serious health problems.

Remove Chemicals

Cooking and processing can remove some types of chemicals, which include lectins, protease and inhibitors. However, some food processing techniques raise the problems of chemicals. For instance, chemical hydrogenation of unsaturated fats can change them into Trans fatty acids.

Chemicals in canned foods:

Canned foods, including juices, soups and beans contain bisphenol A (BPA). It can cause several health problems, including birth defects. Pregnant women who eat canned foods are exposed to unsafe doses of this chemical. The best way to removing chemicals from canned foods is to use glass, porcelain or stainless steel for preserving them. You should not use plastic containers to heat these foods. This helps to prevent BPA from leaching in food, when heated. It is always advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables available in a farmer’s market. You can try to make soups from scratch.

Chemicals in vegetables and fruits:

The vegetables and fruits available in the nearby greengrocer’s stores contain some harmful chemicals. The food crops are treated with petroleum based pesticides and chemicals. They are generally produced to be waterproof, so they are not removed by irrigation or rainwater. Grapes, apples and broccoli are treated with wax coating, to make them shiny in the grocery store. The wax coating also ensures prolonged shelf life. It is therefore important to remove these chemicals, before eating vegetables and fruits.

Remove Chemicals
Ways to remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables:

• Take a large bowl and fill it with cold water.

• Add a tablespoon of juice to it.

• Add a tablespoon of salt.

• Wash the fruit or vegetable in this water by slightly rubbing it. You can even keep it in the water for 5 minutes.

• You can clean lettuce, spinach and other leafy vegetables by cutting them into large pieces and putting them in lemon water.

• Drain the lemon and salt water. Fill the bowl with cold water again. Rinse the vegetable or fruit again. Wipe it with a clean dry towel and store it in the fridge.

• You can mix white vinegar in water, instead of lemon and salt to remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables. However, you need to avoid using vinegar to wash soft skinned fruits like apricot and peaches.

• You can add equal quantities of baking soda and lemon juice to a cup of water to remove chemicals from vegetables. You need to rinse them well before consuming.

• You can remove pesticide residues with the help of a clean scrub or sponge. You can scrub the fruit or vegetable slightly and rinse it. If you use the vegetables or fruits after peeling them off. However, you may lose the healthy fiber found in the outer peel.

• You can use the vegetable cleaning liquids available in the market. The products that use 100% natural ingredients like coconut, corn and lemon are effective in removing harmful agricultural chemicals and pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

Remove Chemicals

• It is always worth to look for organic fruits and vegetables in the store. This helps to prevent you from consuming harmful chemicals.

Removing chemicals from grocery products is beneficial in avoiding several health hazards. The water we drink may contain several harmful chemicals. It is always advisable to filter the water and drink. You can use organic eggs and other food products, which help to prevent you from various health problems.

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