Recycling Statistics – A Glance

Recycling statistics can give a lot of insight to the person who is interested to know more about recycling. There is no doubt that recycling has a number of benefits. This is one of the reasons why most of the experts all over the world are promoting recycling.

As the world is now started to witness the ill effects of development and usage of technology, most of the countries are moving towards recycling products that are harmful for the environment. The benefits of recycling are definitely measurable.

Recycling Statistics
For example, the overall population of the United States of America has got doubled from 1950 – 2000. Ideally, this should mean that the consumption of water in the country would also be doubled. However, this is not the case. Infact, the overall consumption of water in the country has tripled during this time and this is certainly a major worry.

According to the statistics, out of the total amount of water used up in the United States, 80% of it is used in the bathroom. Water is one of the major sources of electricity generation. By using more amount of water and not recycling it in the right manner, we are also impacting the total amount of energy generation every single year.

Statistics in the United States state that if recycling of water is done in the right manner, the country can save upto 60% of the total water which is being wasted every single time we flush.

Apart from this, there are a plenty of small actions that can be made a part of our everyday lives that would eventually mark a huge difference in the annual recycling statistics. This includes switching off electrical appliances when not needed, opting for the option of car pull instead of using single vehicle per person, using minimum lights in the house etc. Another very important aspect to look into while thinking of recycling is ‘Glass’.

Thousands of glass bottles and jars are dumped every single day in the United States. However, statistics state that a single glass bottle would take as many as 4000 years to decompose.

Hence, by throwing a glass bottle you are creating problems for the generations to come. These glass bottles can be dismantled into fine pieces of glass and used for a number of purposes which includes construction, art work etc.

Recycling statistics look complicated more often than not when you first go through them. However, a bit of focus and commonsense would help you save environment in a long way.

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