Recycling Paper

The first small step towards saving our Earth is by recycling paper. Humanity has pushed our planet Earth into doldrums by perpetual nonchalance towards our priceless environment.

Mindless massacre of natural resources in the name of urbanization and technology advancement has resulted in pushing our Mother Nature to the brink of exhaustion and fatigue.

Rapid climate changes, natural disasters, rise in global average temperature have been the order of the past few decades and will be so in the years to come if the rate of deforestation and accumulation of non-biodegradable wastes does not come to a grinding halt immediately.

It is elementary knowledge that paper comes from wood pulp and wood comes from trees. So, a simple step of recycling them, if carried out by every individual will go a long way in reducing the number of trees that are being cut for making them again and again.

Recycling Paper
Manufacturers of newspaper and other paper based items will also benefit by not having to manufacture them from the raw material, that is, wood pulp. Sadly, for them, establishing recycling technology is less challenging than securing recycled newspaper from reluctant source of every household.

Presently there are several awareness programs taken up by governments and as well as NGOs across the globe to bring about a change in the global community. Tree plantation drives, awareness marches, door to door campaign are being carried out by many voluntary organizations towards this social cause of recycling not only paper, but also plastics, electrical appliances, electronic goods etc, to arrest downwards spiral of earth’s natural but depleting resources namely, coal, petroleum, natural gas to name a few.

Last but not the least plants purify the air by consuming carbon-di-oxide (CO2) during photosynthesis – the process of its preparing food. And during this process, they release the gas oxygen, which is vital for all other living creatures on the Earth including us.

Decrease in tree density on the earth, thus leads to accumulation of CO2 (released from fossil fuel burning) thus causing more heat retention in earth’s atmosphere leading to Greenhouse effect or global warming. This plays havoc on earth’s climate, melting of mountain glaciers causing floods, draughts, soil erosion etc.

All this and much more misfortunes can be kept at bay the simple practice of recycling paper. Let each one of us pledge to do it right from today not only for ourselves but for our grand and great grand children! They too are entitled to unpolluted Nature, aren’t they?

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