Recycling Cell Phones

Cell phones are one of the largest contributors of electronic waste problem in the world. Recycling cell phones is the best way to reduce e-wastes. The number of cell phone users is increasing year after year. There were more than one billion cell phone users in the world in 2002.

Cell phones are typically used for 1 ½ years, before being replaced. Many tend to replace the obsolete cell phones for various reasons, but less than 1% of cell phones are recycled.

Why You Need To Recycle Cell Phones?

For preventing environmental problems: When you discard cell phones, they end up in landfills. The electronic waste contains toxins that are harmful to the environment. The electronic circuit boards in the cell phones contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. The batteries in cell phone can cause soil contamination.

Recycling Cell Phones
Leakage from a battery can contaminate 600,000 liters of water. If you dispose cell phone in landfill condition, it may percolate hazardous lead levels. Recycling cell phones prevent the toxins from entering into the soil, air and water. It also reduces the amount of waste that would be otherwise accumulated in towns and cities.

Value of metal in cell phone:

The cell phones are small, so the metals contained in cell phone are low in quantity. The cell phone can become obsolete, but the value of the metals in it remains significant. Copper, silver, palladium and gold are the valuable metal in the cell phone. Recycling it can help to conserve natural resources.

Recycling is required by law:

The laws of some states require you to recycle old cell phones. The growing movement to protect the environment insists that everyone must recycle their unused cell phones.

How To Recycle Cell Phones?

There are certain nonprofit organizations that offer simple methods of recycling the old cell phones. You can log on to their website know all about their drop boxes. Normally, the drop boxes are kept in electronic retail shops and stores. These organizations then recover the phones and give them to the companies that recycle the parts of the cell phone to make new products.

More than 50% of the cell phones received by the recycling companies can be repaired and reused. These companies then resell the cell phones to small carriers. The refurbished cell phones are also sold to developing countries.

This provides the poor citizens there access to affordable communications. Cell phones that cannot be reused are sent to smelter in order to take out the valuable material in them. The batteries in the cell phones are also recycled by these companies. The recycling companies erase all personal information, if any on the phone before reselling them. Hence, recycling cell phones is very safe.

You can make arrangements to recycle your old cell phone from the comfort of your home. You just need to fill an online form and print it. Put your cell phone in a box, paste the form on the box and drop off at the nearby post office.

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