Pomegranate Tree

A pomegranate tree is a fruit bearing shrub and is native mainly to the Asian continent, especially India. It is also cultivated widely in many countries like USA for juice production and other herbal products. It is mainly found to be a part of the drier vegetation, comparatively.

The fruit is seen in contrasting seasons in both Northern and Southern hemisphere and it is symbolic to almost all the religions of the world.

Pomegranate Tree
Pomegranate tree is put to wide use in both raw and cooked dishes. Pomegranate cake is one such simple dish in which the fruit’s juice is the major ingredient. It is prepared by mixing the flour combination (cake flour and baking powder) and the egg mixture and then adding the juice alternatively until a consistent combination is arrived at. This is baked in a preheated oven for 40 minutes to get a soft and bulgy cake.

Pomegranate lamb is chef’s favorite dish that is prepared by marinating the leg of lamb in a special marinade (Pomegranate juice, red wine, garlic, sweet onion, lemon, and herbs) overnight.

Thus removed lamb is grilled for around 2 hours at a strong temperature before cutting slices against the grain. Remember to discard the marinade before you grill as that might leave a charred smell in the dish. Also let it cool for 15 minutes before you cut the slices against the grain.

Pomegranate Juice has many health benefits and has become widely popular among the medical circle recently. One of the main benefits is that it is known to fight cancer cells, especially Breast cancer and Lung cancer cells.

It is known to stop the breast cancer causing cells from forming. It slows the prostate cancer and this has been monitored in Mice. A recent study has shown that it protects neonatal brain from damage after injury. It prevents the building of plaque in the arteries.

Several studies indicate that pomegranate juice may prevent cartilage deterioration. Studies have shown that regular consumption of the juice lowers the systolic blood pressure and also it lowers LDL which is bad cholesterol and increases HDL which is good cholesterol.

Research suggests the one of the best ways to keep your dental problems at bay is regular consumption of pomegranate juice as it fights the plaque naturally, thereby keeping the germs away and teeth and gums healthy.

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