Personal Air Purifier

Very few people spend all of their time in the comforts of home. A personal air purifier is for those times when you need to be away and want to continue to breathe in clean and purified air.

These are the little bedroom sized units so they are perfect for guest rooms or even hotel rooms. They are light and compact which makes them easy to transport and travel with. They are also quiet so no one even knows you have it with you.

Do air purifiers really work? Individual air purifiers do just as good of a job as the whole house units. Most of them clean up to 99.9% of airborne particles that can affect your health. Once you get used to having clean air in your home, you’ll notice the difference when you stay anywhere else. That is what makes the individual air purifier so nice; you can take it with you.

Some hotels (and some relatives) still allow smoking in some rooms. If you are one of the people who are allergic to smoke, you will definitely appreciate having a portable air purifier with you when you travel. Pets are also now allowed in most hotel rooms, so is their dander.

How Much is a Individual Air Purifier?

Most air purifiers are less than the cost of one night in a hotel room. The average cost is about $30 although you can probably find some for more, or less. Over time, you’ll need to replace the filters which can usually be found at most retail stores. The cost for the filters varies depending on the kind and brand.

Where Can I Find a Portable Air Purifier?

That depends largely on if you want a particular brand. Most retail stores carry personal air purifiers and the large chain retail stores do too. Some you need to order online due to the brand and their selling specifications. Drug stores often carry the air purifiers and there are online stores that carry them. Most of it depends on if you want a particular brand for any reason. They are plentiful and for the most part can be found in a variety of places across the country.

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