Orthomolecular Nutrition

Orthomolecular Nutrition is the revolutionary new scientific method of integrated detoxification, nutrition and rejuvenation of the body and of its cells. This results, not only in effective prevention and armour of the organism against all psychosomatic diseases, but also the disappearance of all pathological symptoms which may have already appeared.

What does the word "Orthomolecular" mean

Twice Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling in the 1960s proposed the term "ortho - molecul", meaning "right molecule" to describe the right - correct - chemical molecules, which are the nutrients our cells need every day in order to function in healthy condition. These are vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, omega fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants and thousands of phytonutrients that we have to take in the correct form and in the right quantity from our daily diet.

The causes of disease is mainly due to the lack of orthomolecular nutrients

Dr. Pauling and many other leading scientists of the 20th century discovered, through their researches, that full of toxins modern, industrialized and degraded in nutrients food, not only nourishes our cells, but deprives them of many valuable ortho - molecules. This is resulting to a gradually increasing cell dysfunction, which appears as pathological symptoms, lack of energy, headaches, migraines, obesity, skin disorders, hormonal disorders and neuropathic symptoms and degenerative diseases wrongly called "illnesses" and "diseases". The larger the cell dysfunction is, the more intense are the pathological symptoms. Therefore, researches of Dr. Pauling and other scientists confirm what Hippocrates stated "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" and Galen suggested "There are no diseases, only levels of health." That is the levels of cells' function.

How it was developed

The Orthomolecular Nutrition was designed and developed in Greece by orthomolecular clinical nutritionist George Minoudis, in the framework of clinical researches of Hellenic Society for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine and is implemented exclusively by the scientific group of doctors and  consultants, under the guidance of George Minoudis.

How the amazing results are achieved

Using scientific methods and pioneering orthomolecular products. Orthomolecular products are the only ones qualifying by  Hellenic Society for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine as effective for the proper nourishment and detoxification of body's cells. No other simple formula and dietary supplement, which is not qualifying as orthomolecular, may be as effective.
The correct and complete cellular nutrition and detoxification of the body is not simple matter, because there are many obstacles to overcome.

The method of Hellenic Society for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine has been developed through many years of clinical experience with thousands of people and is based on five fundamentals that have developed in Greece and give solutions to all these problems of proper cellular nutrition. These five fundamentals are:

1. Control of food intolerance to reduce inflammation causing cellular dysfunction using innovative and unique science-based GOLDENTEST.
The control and significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body is essential for the absorption of good cellular molecules. The inflammation that most are subclinical (ie not detectable with routine medical examinations) constantly injure tissues and organs and interfere with the metabolism and good and molecules and their cellular uptake. One source of chronic inflammation that go unnoticed and are food intolerances or allergies later.

2. Scientific detoxification with herbs and nutrients specially formulated for cleansing the liver, colon, blood and whole body.
The toxins are not only destroying cells, sails and instruments directly and indirectly.Impede absorption, slow speed operation and the elimination from the body of good tissue stripping nutrients the body. This means increasing malnutrition and Orthomolecular cell depletion. To be correct, however, requires detoxification method. If we try to detoxify too quickly can be "flooded" the channels detoxifying the body, toxins instead answered contrary to circulate in the blood from the legs to the brain and presented severe symptoms of detoxification shock. These may include headaches, migraines, muscle pain, dermatitis, fainting, rapid heartbeat and breathing problems.The scientific method of detoxification Orthomolecular Nutrition is designed to avoid all these side effects and to provide cellular nutrition to the correct molecules without the interference of toxins.

3. Setting the gastrointestinal system for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients-good molecules.
The gastrointestinal system such as we have already considered is the basic foundation of health. Many researchers believe is the "second brain" and others that it is the first system that develops in the embryo to be able to feed properly and to develop other organs and systems. A healthy digestive system is vital for proper digestion, assimilation and metabolism of food and nutrition Orthomolecular cells in the body. In most people the gastrointestinal system malfunctions with symptoms of indigestion, malabsorption, intestinal dysviosis and chronic subclinical inflammation. All this must be corrected through Orthomolecular Nutrition to achieve correct and complete cellular nutrition.

4. Scientific verification and replenish nutrient deficiencies disguised using pioneering Orthomolecular food supplements aporrofontai cell directly. Simple manufactured nutritional supplements and even food itself must first be digested, absorbed and metavolisthoun this is not always easy to do.
We're all different and unique as the organizations have different needs, Genetic predisposition, diet and lifestyle and lack of good present different cellular molecules.This is the beginning of a highly specific biochemical man. It is important to correctly recognize what molecules are missing in larger quantities by the cells of every individual, so it may be granted in larger doses for proper cell nutrition. The Orthomolecular Nutrition has developed special questionnaires and scientific methods to identify these deficiencies and Orthomolecular their replacement.

5. Orthomolecular stress control by feeding the brain, adrenal glands and the neurovegetative system with proper nutrients to be able to face the challenges of a more balanced environment. Stress affects the digestive system and therefore the absorption of good cellular molecules.
In the book "Bible of Health" katarifthike myth of anxiety as a situation that exists only because of external conditions and factors not related to diet. Prove that a person can ever feel "anxious" and this state of exhaustion neurovascular and endocrine system can lead to depression, and everything is "fine" in his life. So there are stressors, financial difficulties, interpersonal relationships, family and professional problems, etc. The person may be-more often than many believe-"biochemical" anxious. The imbalance of neuro-immuno-endocrine axis dysfunction and epinephrine, cortisol, DHEA, other corticosteroids, serotonin, acetylcholine and many other biochemical molecules that support the biological organism's reaction to stressors, bad news, personal problems, etc.-result a person feel "pressure" and "anxiety" without actually no reason. This directly affects the gastrointestinal system, digestion, assimilation and metabolism of food and transfer of good cellular molecules. Balancing the neuro-immuno-endocrine axis with the right molecules correctly restore the tranquility of the organization and the smooth metabolism of nutrients.

All those mentioned above have a purpose. Be clean, be properly oxygenation and alkalinization of blood and the entire organization and to allow well-nutrient molecules to build strong and healthy body cells while supporting the body can eliminate toxins and pathogens loads too. That is complete and methodical scientific renewal of cells and the entire organization that builds strong defense and immune system and makes him invulnerable to any threat and condition. And not only. It keeps the body young and robust, and inhibits the aging process.

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