Organic Wine

Organic Wine
These days, a lot of winemakers prefer organic methods to conventional wine making. Organic wine is made from grapes that are grown without using pesticides, fertilizers and harmful chemicals.

Grape vines are actually more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Hence, most of the modern growers use a lot of chemicals in order to keep their vines healthy. These chemicals not only harm our health, but also cause adverse effects on the environment.

Many people now realize that using organic planting methods and pesticides can help grow their vines and fruit trees in a healthy manner. Organic wine is healthier and tastier than its non-organic counterparts.

What Is Organically Produced Wine?

You may be confused with the terms “organic wine”, “wine made from organically grown grapes” and biodynamic wines. Organic type of wine is one that is made from organically grown grapes and it excludes sulfites or other preservatives. Often, the wine manufacturers use organic grapes and small amounts of sulfites, which help stabilize wine and prevent it from getting spoilt. However, very few manufacturers refrain from adding sulfites, because wine naturally has some amounts of sulfites.

Benefits Of Making Wine Organically

Wine is one of the most appreciated beverages in the world. Wine made from grapes grown without using herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers can provide a lot of benefits.

• A compound called resverotrol found in red wine can reduce blood cholesterol level. Studies show that the pesticides used in non-organic vineyards eliminate 80% of resverotrol. Wine that is rich in this compound can prevent cell oxidation, which is an important aspect in preventing the risk of cancer.

• Organic grapes are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. Hence, drinking pure wine moderately is good for the health.

• The flavor and taste of this type of wine is better than conventional wines.

• Consuming organic helps to get a safe and healthy environment.

Organic Wine

• Organically made wine prepared without using sulfur di oxide is good for people who are sensitive to sulfites. Sulfites can result in headaches, when those who are allergic to it drink conventional wines.

• Consuming natural wine really means that you are protected from diseases induced by chemicals.

• Organically made wine boosts metabolism and provides warmth. It improves the immunity system and regulates the blood pressure level. It also helps to maintain good cardiac health.

• Since it is free from harmful chemicals, it does not pollute the air, water and soil. The wines are packed in environmentally friendly organic containers, so they assure cleaner and safer surroundings.

• If consumed moderately, organic white wine can improve the functioning of lungs.

• Drinking a glass of red wine can prevent the risk of developing Alzheimer disease.

• Organic wine can kill the bacteria that cause peptic ulcers.

• By choosing this kind of wine to drink, you can support the farmers and manufacturers who refuse to adopt traditional methods that pollute the environment. Organic vine growing also increases the microbial activity of the soil and growing of flowering plants that attract birds and beneficial insects. Though organic wine costs more than conventional wines, it really provides value for your money.

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