Organic Sugar

Organic Sugar is one of the only alternatives to getting rid of the slow and sweet poison that is responsible for many a disease among Americans today. The most common among them is that of Diabetes. One cannot avoid refined and crystallized sugar completely, since it is an ingredient of many packaged goods whether it is cookies or biscuits.

The only thing that refined sugar does is adding some huge amount of extra calories to the body, with no effective nutrient. This also leads to an excess production of diabetes and insulin. Shifting to natural sweetener is hence the best option. Honey is certainly an alternative. However, since it is sticky, it isn’t suitable to be used in many preparations.

The honey issue can however be solved by using natural sugar, that is basically made from sugarcane. It can be used in exactly the same was as refined sugar. The only difference is that it isn’t as filtered and refined as refined sugar is. It is not white in color because of the presence of nutrients, that is absent in refined sugar. Getting complete rid of refined sugar, is something very tough.

However, cutting them down to a huge extent is not impossible. One can easily buy sugar-free goods from the market and then use natural sweeteners like organic sugar or honey to sweeten it. Avoiding chemical sugar not only makes a person healthy, but also is economically favorable. Most sweetened products like fructose coated corn flakes, cookies, sweetened tea, and dried milk powders either contain high chemical refined sugar or else fructose syrup, which give nothing but a number of diseases and some extra calories.

There are many natural sweeteners available in the market. Another such natural sweetener is dried honey flakes. It does not cause problems like honey does, and can be used in the same way as refined sugar. The fact that it isn’t sticky and can dissolve easily makes it a better option than honey.

Americans tend to suffer from “sweet-tooth”, so it is always better to choose the healthier option, rather than going for the easily available or less costly ones. The overall price of organic sugar is generally higher than that of refined sugar; however, cost should not be the deciding factor, since it is a known fact to everyone, “health is better than wealth”.

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