The benefits of Organic Soap

Organic soap is produced without using harmful chemicals like the way it is done in the process of manufacture of regular or commercial soap. It is manufactured by using natural ingredients. As soap finds a variety of uses in the household as well as in the industries it is necessary that the soap is free from too much of chemicals that can cause terrible harm.

The use of organic products in most of the items used on daily basis has increased the world over including the United States of America. The manufacture of commercial soap involves the use of fatty acids which reacts with the alkaline solution, often termed as lye. This component, the lye, is not always avoidable. In other words it is also used in the manufacture of the organic form of the soap.  The benefits of natural soap over the regular commercial soap are many, of which a few are being given below:

Effect on the skin: Non-organic soap generally uses the synthetic ingredients. The most popular use of soap is in the household for various purposes such as washing, bathing. Out of this bathing can be considered the most essential use of soap and so it is important to know the harm that can be caused by the use of regular commercial soaps and hence the significance of the use of organic products.

Organic way of manufacturing soaps ensures that the skin remains protected. The chemicals used for the manufacture of commercial or regular soaps are caustic. The animal fats used in the manufacture of the soaps often cause irritation in the skin because of its nature. It is advisable that the soap is organic.

Organic soap uses vegetable oils instead of animal fats and so they are much safer. However, it must be ensured that lye is completely removed from the product by the process known as saponification. The greater content of natural oils also does not cause the dry feeling which chemical soaps are bound to cause.

Effect on the Environment: Another important aspect in our daily survival is the peaceful co-existence with nature. The ingredients used in the manufacture of natural soap are produced without the use of chemicals that can potentially pollute the air. They are also free of pesticides.

According to the American College of Toxicology report published in 1983, the high content of chemicals like sodium laurel sulphate can cause skin damage.Natural soap is devoid of these harmful chemicals.

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