Organic Pesticides

The environment friendly solution to killing pests

Organic Pesticides are those substances or mixture of a number of substances, that are generated from organic sources, and are hence more environment friendly than general pesticides, especially the chemical ones. Pesticides are those special substances given to crops to kill the pests that attack it. It is essential element to farming since, harmful pests end up killing crops.

Earlier, farmers found killing pests such a necessary need, that they ended up using harmful chemical pesticides without really wondering how much harm it did to the environment. As days pass by people have become more and more concerned about the environmental harm that inorganic substances cause.

Thanks to the awareness from government bodies as well as NGO’s, the use of green pesticide is increasing. Late realization is still better than no realization at all. The most common types of pesticides are herbicides and insecticides.

Chemical pesticides harm the soil as well as the environment in many ways. It is one of the major causes of water pollution. The chemical fertilizers sprayed to the soil get washed by rain and irrigation water, and are hence one of the major reasons of water pollution. Use of green pesticides can help retain the quality of soil, whereas, use of chemical pesticides causes loss of soil quality in more than one ways.

One of the major damage includes reduction in the amount of nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen fixation is basically the method that is followed to convert the nitrogen in the atmosphere to ammonia. Pests have nowadays become resistive to the use of chemical pesticides. This is primarily because years of usage of same kind of chemicals have caused genetic mutation in them and made them resistant. This is another reason, why farmers need to shift to green pesticides at the earliest.

Chemical pesticides are also responsible for air pollution which eventually results to loss of habitat of birds as well as animals. Harmful pesticides when sprayed near crops and plants, gets dispersed due to winds and other agents, thus polluting the air. Farmers should look at alternative methods of killing pests rather than using harmful chemical pesticides.

Crop rotation, poly culture, and use of trap crops are some methods of killing pests without the use of chemical substances. However, if farmers are looking at an immediate replacement of chemical pesticides, bio-pesticides or organic pesticides are the only possible option they have.

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