Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive oil is the fat that is obtained from olives through natural and organic ways. Olives can be found amply in the Mediterranean region. Organic olives used for the production of olive oil are produced through bio farming methods. The production of this type of olive oil is in perfect harmony with nature rather than manipulating it through the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides. These chemicals are difficult to remove even after repeated washing and peeling.

In order to control pests, the farmers use ecological pest controls while growing natural made olives. Trap cropping, that is allowing the growth of plants that attract pests, is an effective measure that is used instead of pesticides. Crop rotation is practiced so that the soil does not lose its fertility. It helps in nitrogen fixation.

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, the farmers use fertilizers derived from natural sources like cereals. These methods contribute a great deal towards maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. The oil obtained is pure in every term and no mixing is done.

In US, this kind of olive oil market sells more than 1 billion worth of the product. The benefits of organic olive oil are innumerable. It is said that the ancient Greeks used it for the purpose of bathing and cooking. This resulted in their celebrated beauty. A calorie rich diet stimulates the pro ageing process.

Olive oil contains polyphenols that help slow down this process. Olive oil is reported to contain more amount of disease fighting anti oxidants than the normal variants of the oil. It is reported to contain at least four types of anti oxidants. The intake or application of olive oil reduces the chances of skin cancer when exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

The extra virgin variant of olive oil helps reducing the activities of harmful substances known as free radicals. These damage the DNA of normal cells and turn them into a special class of cells called precancerous cells.

Regular intake of olive oil reduces the risks of breast cancer. The beneficiary monosaturated fats present in this type of olive oil brings about an increase in the levels of helpful cholesterol. The inflammation in the arteries of the heart is also reduced by regular intake of this oil.

Olive oil also helps in keeping body weight in check. This results in lowering the risks of diabetes. The anti inflammatory properties of organic olive oil increase the sensitivity towards insulin.

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