Why Consider Organic Meat?

Organic meat has become quite popular all across the globe especially the US. One point where many vegetarians tend to stump meat lovers is the use of organic food. It is wrongly assumed; even by many meat lovers that good cut of meat would invariably mean the animal in question being stuffed full of growth hormones and such similar chemicals in their lifetime.

The fact of the matter is that meat can be just as organic as any vegetable. This kind of meat in fact, is much healthier than any conventional or commercial meat that is found in the supermarket.

One of the biggest plus factors for natural meat is that the animals that are raised in an organic farm, are always fed fresh and chemical-free food. This organic food tends to make a huge difference for the animals. Of course this would entail the organic farmers using special method to keep their cattle food from catching diseases and falling prey to pests. The cattle are not pumped full of growth hormones and other such drugs and chemicals that may adversely affect the cattle itself or even the people that eventually end up eating their meat.

This however does not mean that these animals are not given any kind of drugs. Without the use of the hormones, antibiotics other such chemicals, the cattle are more susceptible to diseases, worms, etc. These cattle are only given healthy USDA approved drugs if and when they fall sick. This list of drugs prescribed by the USDA are enough to cure the cattle of their diseases, but not strong enough to adversely affect the person who eats that animal’s meat.

One of the biggest advantages of natural meat is that they contain lesser levels of fat throughout their body and higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids. This greatly reduces the risk of heart defects in the people who eat organic meat. Not using hormones and antibiotics on the cattle greatly reduce the risk of their consumers catching cancer.

One huge factor for the animal lovers is that organic farmers always strive to keep their cattle in the best conditions possible. This means that the cattle in an organic farm live a much better life than the cattle in conventional farms, and are killed in a much more humane way.

Even the cows that fed, live healthier lives as they run a much lesser risk of catching bovine spongiform encephalopathy, otherwise known as mad cow disease. All these make natural meat much healthier and fresher than conventional meat.

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