Organic Lotion

Organic lotion is the rage currently as they are chemical free and is made out of completely natural products thereby not being harmful to the body. They serve the purpose of nourishing and soothing your entire body.

Organic lotions are produced from 100% natural by-products of plants and have the ability to keep one’s body hydrated the entire day. The skin feels protected with the use of organic body lotions as they are not made out of unnatural ingredients, chemicals or any other preservatives. The long term effects of these chemically treated lotions are harmful and organically made lotions are fast replacing other lotions.

Organic Lotion
There are certain tips that can be helpful in how to use these natural lotions such as when should they be used or how should one differentiate between the different types of natural lotions available in the market.

For the best and optimal effect, organic body lotion or any type of natural body oil must be applied immediately after one comes out of their shower or bath. The skin is moist and can absorb easily at this time. The hydrating properties of the lotion or oil have maximum effect right after your shower when the skin is damp. Any other time of day is also perfect to use the this lotion as it moisturizes the body whenever applied.

How one can differentiate between the varieties of organically made lotions available is by checking the thickness of the lotion. This helps in determining the moisture formula present in the lotion. The consistency of the natural lotion is determined by the presence of natural plant oil in comparison to the presence of water in the lotion.

Several other ingredients such as Aloe Vera too form a part of the thickness factor. The smell of the lotion also plays a major part in your selection. One must keep in mind that there is a certain difference between body oil and the organic lotion.

Body oils are free of water and they permit the skin to take in all the nourishing and hydrating properties of the oil completely. What one can do is add some drops of the body oil in your organical lotion and then apply it on your body. This will keep the skin healthy and supple.

There are numerous options available in the market today. One must always look out for the USDA Organic seal on the bottle of the natural lotion. Always read the ingredients mentioned on the bottle to ensure that it is organic. Sunflower oil or peppermint oil, Aloe Vera, vitamins E or C is some natural ingredients that one must search for on their organic lotion bottle.

If you spot a difficult sounding name, there is a probability that the lotion is not entirely organic and does have some chemicals in them. Take care to do your research online as well as talk to people who use organic natural lotion before you go out to buy one. Many products carry the seal or tag of ‘made out of organic products’ but make sure you read and understand the ingredients before billing it.

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