What is Organic Hydroponics?

Organic hydroponics encourages the use of organic fertilizers. Hydroponics is the branch of hydroculture that helps growing of plants by the use of mineral nutrients that are available in solution form in water and not in soil. Sometimes, an inert medium like coconut husk, mineral wool, gravel, expanded clay or gravel is used.

Conventional hydroponics do not use any organic fertilizer since organic compounds present in the hydroponic solution prevents the growth of the roots of the crops. Micro organisms present in the hydroponic solution helps in degrading the organic fertilizers in to inorganic nutrients through processes like nitrification and ammonification. A method known as multiple parallel mineralization is practiced that helps to culture the micro organisms.

With the help of organic hydroponics, one can grow one’s own garden without using any type of soil. It is a complete hassle free process. One does not need to have any worries regarding the amount of water and fertilizer. It does not require continuous labors for cultivation of crops. One need not think about soil texture and consistency. Some of the advantages of cultivating crops hydroponically are:

· Healthiest crops can be grown by this process of hydroponics. Yields are reliable and consistently high.

· It requires little or no effort. The process is very easy apart from being clean.

· The small roots of the plants allow the plants to grow closer.

· A hydroponically grown garden requires very little space. A soil garden requires 5 times more space than this kind of gardens.

· In this process of cultivation, nutrients are directly fed in to the roots of the plants. This helps the plants to grower much faster than the conventional methods.

· Plants grown hydroponically are less likely to come in to contact with diseases and pests borne through soil. This reduces the cost of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

· It saves the ransom amount spent in preparing the soil for the proper growth of plants.

· In hydroponics, as the nutrient solution is directly fed to the roots of the growing plants, no water is wasted due to evaporation or run off.

· Nutrient regulation in this method of cultivation is more efficient.

· It enables the cultivation of various crops in the non arable regions of the world.

This method of hydroponics uses fertilizers and water effectively. The fertilizers used are mostly natural. The money required to sterilize the medium is much less. Hydroponics provides much higher yield than the traditional methods of farming.

Unlike traditional outdoor growing, hydroponics provides the grower with the opportunity to cultivate plants throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather. This gives the grower the potential to grow several crops in the space of a year.

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