Organic Cosmetics, an Overview

Organic cosmetics have been quite often heard of at every mall or departmental store. Most of the skin care or cosmetic companies have started launching their own range of ‘organic’ products in the last decade owing to a mad rush towards the “go green” slogan.

These are basically eco friendly products that help treat several skin problems effectively. Since times immemorial humans have successfully manipulated the atoms and molecules present in the ecosystem to produce cheap solutions to every skin problem. This has resulted in an adverse effect on them. These synthetic products resulted in a massive increase in several skin conditions including cancer.

Natural cosmetics are prepared from 100% natural ingredients. They shun the use of harsh chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and pesticides. The EPA or Environment Protection Agency had previously approved the use of pesticides but owing to a rapid spread of cancer and diseases alike, the use of pesticides as well as other harmful products has been banned. The Organic Consumers Association has suggested certain guidelines for the cosmetics to be truly organic.

Apart from using simple ecological processes of manufacture, the conditioning as well as cleaning ingredients used in these products should also be produced from organic products. It bans the use of botanical and floral water. This water is generally a by product obtained after distillation of essential oils. The floral water used in natural cosmetics is quite expensive and takes a long time to prepare. It is prepared by the distillation of water only. It does not involve the use of either synthetic surfactants or alcohol. It is produced purely through natural processes.

Organic cosmetics do not use any harmful substances like Dimethicone, Hydroquinone, Formaldehydes, Isopropanolamine, Keratolytic chemicals, Isopropyl alcohol, Oleates, Toluene, Sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, Pthalates, Sorbitans, Parrafin, Propylene glycol, Phenoxyyethanol, Parabens, FD & C, D & C colours, Methylisothiazolinone, Dibutyl phthalate, Diamines, BHT, BHA, TEA, MEA, DEA, Artificial colours, Ammonium glycolate, Aluminum, etc.

These cosmetics are generally non- allergenic and gluten free. They are perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin as well as rosacea. They contain natural sunscreens and hence give immense protection from UVA ans well as UVB rays. They are available in high concentration and thus, the application of only a small amount gives desired results. They are also loaded with anti- inflammatory properties and hence, help to calm sensitive and irritated skin. Apart from the blessing of a radiant and beautiful skin, natural cosmetics nourish the skin with nutrients, anti- oxidants and vital vitamins.

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