Organic Beer

Organic beer, like other organic products are in demand these days. Everyone is all in the pursuit of their own happiness in their own way. For many people, a simple six pack of beer does the trick.

Natural beer is just another step towards that happiness. It is a well known fact that organic brews contain natural and chemical free products. This is also one of the reasons why any natural beer would cost up to three times more than any normal beer.

The two primary ingredients in any beer are – hop and barley. Out of these two, hop is very difficult to produce without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers, as it is very susceptible to pests and diseases. A normal brew would contain hop that has been grown under the protection of fertilizers and pesticides.

In fact, many brewers in the US still use conventional hop in their natural beer. This would come to an end in 2013, as the USDA is on the brink of passing a law that necessitates the use of organic hop in organic brew.

Hence, natural beer, containing much healthier ingredients, is better than any conventional brew. However, the question that haunts most of the beer geeks is whether natural beer really tastes the same or maybe even better than conventional beer. This is a fiercely contested debate that is not likely to come to an end any time soon.

There are a host of beer bloggers who believe that organic beer tastes as good as, or maybe even better than conventional beer. Of course, there are also a group of beer connoisseurs who are of the opinion that due to the use of organic barley, the brewers have to change their fermentation process slightly, which in turn, alters the taste of the organic brew.

There are a third set of people, who are of the opinion that they do not really find much difference in the taste of both conventional and natural beer. It is really up to the individual person who consumes the beer, to decide whether an organic brew tastes the same as a conventional brew, as the rule of thumb states that when any topic is as fiercely contested as this, it would in most cases be in the mind of the users.

Similarly, for organic beer as well, a person should rather have a drink himself and formulate his own opinion, rather than go on what someone else might have said.

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