A Brief Guide to Organic Beauty Products

What is the main difference between standard over the counter beauty products and organic beauty products? Yes, the ingredients are dramatically different, but there is also the fact that most of the modern organic products on the market will not make promises that they cannot meet.

For example, if manufacturers want to be able to label their merchandise as organic made beauty products, they have to meet the formal definitions of organic compounds. That is the first part of the process, but it illustrates the fact that these products are going to be tested and reviewed.

Organic Beauty Products
So, most of the organic beauty products on the market cannot possible contain all of the fillers, silicones, artificial smells and ingredients that all of the other compounds on the market contain. This tends to also mean that manufacturers are going to have to make doubly sure that their formulas can provide the cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation, or other results that their labels guarantee.

What does the "organic" on the labels mean? It is a bit confusing to see the term organic on something that is not a food source, but there are many organic cleansers for the home, bath and kitchen. This means that there must also be organic beauty supplies for men, women and children. These will include the creams, makeup, bath, body, hair and even aromatherapy products that modern consumers appreciate; they just won't be filled with all of the "junk".

Instead, the main ingredients are likely to be plant based (and not animal tested), essential oils, herbal formulations, and all natural ingredients known to have specific effects on the body, skin, and hair. The best manufacturers will avoid the use of misleading descriptions and obtain the organic certification that they need to package the product accordingly.

Organic Beauty Products

How can you tell when a company has remained true to the ecological and organic concept? Read the labels! One of the biggest "give-aways" is when there is only one ingredient with the word "organic" appearing before it. This means that the company has used only one organic compound and then used the organic label to describe what might otherwise be a soup of chemicals.

We suggest that you spend time finding an entire product line or website that places an emphasis on using as much certified organic material as possible. If you see the word organic five or more times on a label, it is likely that the manufacturer is selling an honest product.

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