Natural Allergy Remedies

With changing seasons arrives a host of allergies such as sore throat, itchy eyes and running nose. Some natural allergy remedies could do the job. Allergy is your body’s natural reaction to something that you eat or inhale!

Our immune system protects us from external agents that may harm our body. When the immune system senses a threat in the body, antibodies are formed and they attack the intruder. So the question is why do some people suffer from allergies and others don’t?

This is because of an imbalance in your immune system. It can no longer differentiate between harmful and harmless substance! Substance that causes a reaction in your body is known as allergens. Generally dust, pollen, pet dander, insect sting, food, certain medicines and mold spores trigger allergic reactions.

Many a times the allergic reaction and symptoms are such that it becomes rather difficult recognizing it as an allergy. The condition is treated as simple flu as the symptoms are quite similar.

The best way of treating this situation is to identify substances you are allergic to. A specialist can identify allergic triggers that set off a reaction in your body. If it is food allergy you are suffering from, it is possible to eliminate symptoms by avoiding that particular food. Alternately, if pollen or dust mites bother you, then what do you do? Well you could keep your home as dust free as possible.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and make sure you use an effective vacuum cleaner. It is also recommended using a reputed brand air purifier. The air purifier cleans the air periodically and removes any pollutants in your home. Just breathing the purified air will help significantly in alleviating allergic reactions such as asthma, sneezing or running nose.

If you are suffering from allergic situation your health care provider may prescribe certain prescription medicines which will help you deal with the symptoms effectively. However, as you know some medicines have side effects.

Along with the prescribed medicines therefore, you can try certain effective home remedies to manage your allergic reactions. Lemon juice or fruits that contain vitamin C help a lot. They provide a great boost to your immune system. Citrus fruits work on flu like symptoms.

If you are suffering from itching, you can apply a paste of almond leaves or you can mash papaya seeds and apply on the affected part. These home remedies provide great relief from itching. One of the best home natural allergy remedies for allergic itching is a mixture of sandalwood paste and lime juice. Make a paste and apply it on itching area. This will have a soothing effect and also help control the itching.

There are certain home remedies that can help you heal from within. These are juices you can make from carrot, cucumber and beetroot to treat your allergy. Drink two tablespoons of cider vinegar and water or drink every morning five drops of castor oil mixed with half cup of water or any juice to find great relief from allergic symptoms.

Allergy can thus be prevented to a great extent by keeping your surroundings clean with the help of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. Relief from allergic symptoms is possible through a variety of homemade natural allergy remedies or allopathic medicines.

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