Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Before you try medications, check out for some natural remedies for insomnia.

Sleep insomnia is a common problem experienced by many people either occasionally or on a continuous basis. If this problem is persistent, it may cause several problems such as tiredness, poor concentration, irritability and lack of energy. Insomnia can be caused by stress, dietary allergy, physical or mental illness. Insomnia may also be a symptom of hyper thyroids’ or depression.

Types Of Insomnia

Sleep Insomnia
Insomnia can be short term, irregular or chronic.

• If the sleeping problem lasts from one night to several weeks, it is a short term or transient insomnia. It is normally caused by a stressful event. Sometimes, uncomfortable temperatures, light and noise can contribute transient insomnia.

• If insomnia occurs from time to time, it is referred to as intermittent.

• Insomnia that occurs on most nights and lasts more than a month is termed as chronic. Chronic insomnia is often an outcome of physical or mental disorders. Sometimes, behavioral factors like excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption can disturb the normal sleep cycle and lead to chronic insomnia. It is important maintaining a comfortable temperature and light setting in the bedroom to get sound sleep. You should also watch how you sleep. Sometimes, false sleeping pattern may cause chronic insomnia.

Insomnia Treatments

Sleep insomnia can be a symptom of physical disorders, so it is advisable consulting your physician, who can recommend certain techniques to get rid of it.

Sleep Insomnia
One of the first questions a doctor will ask you is – how do you sleep? Changes in diet and lifestyle, relaxation techniques and a regular sleep routine can help reduce this sleeping problem to a great extent. It is also important avoiding naps during daytime. Listening to soothing music can help reduce stress and promote sleep.

Sometimes, doctors may recommend medications to get relief from insomnia. The medications prescribed for insomnia include tranquilizers, sedatives and anti anxiety drugs. If the doctor diagnoses a psychological problem that triggers insomnia, he may recommend counseling to resolve the problem. Otherwise, try and follow these natural remedies for insomnia below.

Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Meditation and deep breathing can help improve sleeping problems, especially insomnia. There are several gentle Yoga techniques and you can choose one among them to promote good sleep.

Magnesium has natural sedative properties and magnesium deficiency can cause sleeping problems. Consuming foods rich in magnesium such as legumes, dark green leafy vegetables and almonds can help get rid of sleep insomnia.

Exercise can encourage good sleep. However, doing high intense exercise before going to bed can increase adrenaline levels, which in turn trigger insomnia.

• You can try some herbal remedies to stay away from insomnia. Valeria is an effective herb used to treat insomnia. It relaxes nerves and improves sleep quality. It may however cause some side effects, including headache, mild indigestion and dizziness.

• It is worth following a simple, yet effective rule- have a king-sized breakfast, an average lunch and a light dinner. Taking heavy meals before going to bed can put a great deal of stress on your digestive system.

• If your bed is too hard or too soft, you may find it difficult to sleep well. Make sure you have a clean and comfortable bed and pillows.

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