Meditation Techniques

While there is nothing simple about meditation, there are some basic meditation techniques that can get you started towards clearer thinking and inner peace. It is helpful to understand that meditation is not just "letting go" or relaxing the body and mind, but it is actually a bit of work and concentrated effort.

For example, one of the first important meditation techniques that anyone will learn is the art of mindful breathing. This means that you are going to have to find a comfortable place and take a proper sitting position. Usually this is to help you breathe properly and prevent any discomfort from slouching or through the use of muscles in an improper way.

Meditation Techniques
Once you are seated in an aligned position, you will then begin paying attention to your breathing, the way your diaphragm and lungs will work together, and even how you take in air. For instance, one of the first meditation techniques that people are taught is to breathe in deeply through their nose as this fills the lungs completely, and then to exhale gently out of their mouth.

It is usually quite profound for a novice to see how relaxed they can become when breathing in this way. This is also often a time when someone's mind begins to release the thoughts that are the most troubling or disruptive.

This is the essence of meditation because it is the moment when you have to consciously clear those thoughts away. The act of meditation is not meant to solve problems but to momentarily lift the mind away from all of the worries and stresses that can fill each day, and even our subconscious dreams at night.

So, you are sitting properly, breathing with full awareness, and that means that it is time to focus the mind on something of benefit. For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed by work, crowded out by thoughts, and overlooked in family life, the focus of the meditation may be an island or a visual cue that makes you feel serene and calm. This focal point is going to be the one and only thing that the mind will be allowed to consider during the period of meditation.

Meditation does take practice and a good schedule is to begin with 30 minutes or so each day. As your skills improve, you will want to expand the time in order to get the most benefits from your work.

With this fast pacing day to day life, relaxation is often a luxury. Many a times, we loose our temper, are exhausted, have too much work and seem to perpetually loose out on our energy. Meditation is one of the tried and tested methods to improve our productivity, increase our stamina, direct towards better fitness, help with better focus and so on. Today there is lot of research done on various meditation techniques and its beneficial effects on the mind, body and spirit. We all attempt meditation at some point of our lives. Not everyone pursues. Many give up because they may find it difficult to enjoy the benefits that come along. Often this is the result of not knowing what technique to use. The process is very simple but lack of guidance can lead to de-motivation. There are many meditation techniques available for beginners as well as experienced ones. The internet is full of information with all kinds of techniques. Finding a meditation class and a teacher nearby is more beneficial.

For a beginner it is advised to choose a technique that is simple. The simplest technique is to focus on the rhythm of your breath. This meditation technique can be used anywhere and anytime. It is best to start in your house, in the morning.

Get yourself a comfortable corner in comfortable clothing. Sit and attempt to concentrate on your breath. Be aware of every breath that goes in and every breath that comes out. You will feel the cold air coming in and warm air being let out. Counting your breath form one to ten is also a good aid.

Be with your breath and focus on the coldness and the warmth of the air that is going in and out. This meditation technique is very effective and has the potential to bring in lot of calmness. It is imperative to do this everyday. No body gets results in one day.

Even if you are able to meditate with this technique for 2 minutes, it can lead to formulating a habit. While you are attempting to concentrate, there is a possibility for you to be distracted. In these instances, acknowledge your thoughts, let them pass and go back to your counting. At this point, be aware not to weave a story around your passing thought.

Do not stress or fret in case you are not able to concentrate. Many people take loads of time to start mediating. In the beginning what is more important is to set a time to start meditating. Having a fixed time everyday helps in make it a part of your routine. There are many meditation techniques. There are meditations that are guided where one needs to follow the instructions given. Candle meditations require you to focus on the flame while a dancing meditation will require you to focus on your movements. Music or binary sounds are also used to help you reach a state in mediation.

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