Magnetic Healing Offers Relief from Pain and Stress

In the 1700s, it was a man by the name of Mesmer who introduced magnetic healing to the general population...thus people can become "mesmerized". This does not mean that they belong to a sect that follows the practices or preaching of Mesmer, but it does describe the theory that he forwarded.

What was it? He believed that the ways that magnets worked could lead to a lot of different "cures" for many kinds of ailments. He insisted that magnetic healing was possible, and since his time many studies have uncovered some fascinating evidence that he was correct.

Let's first understand what goes on with any instance of magnetic healing. You understand that when a magnet gets near metal it "attracts" that metal and pulls it to it tightly.

This is all due to the "spin" of electrons within the materials and when two substances have an aligned number of spinning electrons, they become magnetic. The reason that iron is so often a material that magnets grab is quite simple - it has a lot of excess electrons!

Today, we actually "make" magnets by passing a direct current (DC) through a piece of iron that has often been combined with other metals to increase the potency of the magnetism it has. So, you can go to almost any shop or store and buy yourself a magnet of one kind or another.

Magnetic Healing
This, however, is not the type of magnet used to heal. Instead, the magnets used for medicinal purposes are going to be much stronger and have a potent amount of "flux". This is going to allow the magnetic energy to pass through a lot of dense tissue.

So, how do they work? Though medical experts have not yet been able to precisely pin down what goes on during any magnetic treatment, they do understand that the magnetic fields applied to the body will tend to interrupt the magnetism of the body.

This leads to all kinds of physical responses. This is why we know that magnets might do everything from improve blood flow and distribute nutrients in a more effective manner, to balance acidity in the body, and to even trigger enzyme production.

The important thing to know when seeking a holistic or alternative healer to get magnet treatments is to determine the professional’s level of experience with the technique. Magnets can be very strong and have a lot of impact on the body and it is best to work only with a professional to get the best results.

Magnetic healing has long been recognized as an effective way to manage pain and reduce the effects of stress in the body. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just want to wake up feeling more relaxed and energized, a magnetic mattress pad offers incredible benefits.

Special therapy sessions with a magnetic therapist can be expensive and time consuming. Premium magnetic mattress pads are specially designed to offer the healthy healing that magnetic therapy provides – no appointment required!

About Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy helps to optimize blood flow and increases oxygen saturation levels in the blood and in surrounding tissues. This results in relief from chronic pain and tension as well as stress relief. Magnetic therapy helps muscles to relax properly, and it helps to reduce inflammation in joints, especially inflammation caused by arthritis or old injuries.

In addition, when muscles relax properly, they release toxins. Built up toxins in muscle tissue can intensify muscle pain, and swollen muscles can aggravate the body’s nerves. Proper magnetic therapy allows the body to rest and heal itself – this is just one reason why magnetic mattress pads can be beneficial.

Additional Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Properly applied magnetic therapy can help to reduce the signs of bodily aging in the following ways:

Reduced Cellular Oxidation – Elevated cellular stress causes increased cellular oxidation, which translates into faster cellular aging. Magnetic therapy helps to neutralize the effects of oxidation, thereby slowing the aging process.

Reduced Bodily Acid Content – Our busy and stressful lives leave our bodies in an excessively acidic state. Proper magnetic therapy helps to restore the more beneficial alkaline properties to our cellular structure for overall well being.

Reduced Symptoms of Arthritis – Swollen, painful joints make life difficult. Arthritis sufferers can benefit from the full body type of magnetic therapy that high quality magnetic mattress pads provide.

Various Options Available

Magnetic mattress pads are available in standard sizes and are made from different materials. Some options are:

Memory Foam – Memory foam similar to Tempur-Pedic is available in various thicknesses with different amounts of pulling power.

Comfort Options – Magnetic mattress pads are comfortable – whether you like to sleep on your side, back, or stomach. You can find a magnetic mattress pad that is specially designed to provide the right amount of magnetic pull for your body, and that makes sleeping in your chosen position more comfortable.

Magnetic Mattress Pads Offer Affordability

Individual magnetic healing sessions can be expensive, especially if you need it frequently. When you invest in a magnetic mattress pad, you can realize the benefits of frequent magnetic therapy at a much lower cost.

As magnetic healing has become more mainstream, and high quality magnetic mattress pads have become more popular, manufacturers have been better able to offer a wide variety of styles and magnetic pull options at attractive and affordable prices.

Investing in a magnetic mattress pad will help you to sleep better and wake up feeling whole and refreshed.

You may also discover a lot of choices that magnetic therapy provides, such as magnetic jewelry that can relief from pain different parts of your body.

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