Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Lead acid battery recycling is an important concept in the life of the battery. All over the world we use lead acid battery as an alternative to the electricity and save power.

It is a savior in the hospital and computer industry as it can be used during an emergency and power cuts. Using lead acid battery is beneficial as it can give you a pollution free environment. They take around 8 to 16 hours of charging. The life of these batteries is quite long and the most important thing is these batteries can be recycled.

Recycled lead acid batteries can be used everywhere. The usage is same like the first time used batteries. Factories, hospitals, parks and airports use it on a very large scale. Recycling these lead acid batteries has many benefits for the environment as well as the society.

• Manufacturing new batteries always takes time and it takes less time to recycle the lead acid batteries.

• Recycling process creates less wastage compare to the first time manufacturing process.

• It hardly takes one fourth of energy to recycle the lead acid batteries.

• The lead is already into certain condition which needs to recycle. Any process on lead can create pollution and recycling process creates less pollution compare to fresh processing.

• Some products like plastic and lead are difficult to scrap and their toxic components create pollution in the environment which eventually is harmful to human health. Recycling lead batteries reduces this problem as you do not need to destroy the scrap, instead use it for another round.

• We all know that we do not have so much natural resources and it is important to save it for the coming generations. Recycling process saves natural resources like lead, as the same material is used for recycling.

• The profit margin can be high if the product is recycled as the expense is less.

• Today recycling industry has grown tremendously and it has created more jobs and opportunities for the people.

After United States of America, today most of the nations are successfully recycling the lead acid batteries and the percentage is as high as 96% of the recycling.

Few years back lead was expensive and recycling the lead acid battery was more profitable than the manufacturing but today as the lead price has gone down the recycling profit margin has gone down.

People who are bothered about their social responsibilities should always prefer lead acid battery recycling, as it plays a major role in saving the environment.

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