Indoor Air Quality Testing Mold

Have you performed indoor air quality testing mold? Literally tens of thousands of people visit the doctor every year complaining of annoying symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, nasal congestion, dry eyes, scratchy eyes and similar ailments.

Every one of these symptoms can be caused by mold or poor air quality. Even people who live in what could be considered very clean homes often have billions of particles of impure air floating around. Illnesses by air particles are all too real. They account for missed days of work and school. In the case of mold, they can cause some serious illness.

Then there are viruses which are also carried through the air. Most people are unaware of the affects of impure air until they do something about it and notice how much better they feel.

Hundreds (if not more) of dollars can be saved on doctor visits by simply ensuring you have good air quality and your home is mold free. That’s where indoor air quality testing and mold testing come in.

Where The Impurities Come From

They come from the air and ventilation ducts, they are carried in on clothing and hair, Mold likes to grow in basements and poorly ventilated places. People shed skin cells every day which then becomes part of the dust in your home. The impurities can come in through an open door or window and even on the dog or cat. In fact, it is difficult to keep the impurities out which means you have to take care of them once they are inside your home.

How To Get Rid Of The Impurities

In areas with little ventilation and in basements, it is good to make a habit of cleaning those areas thoroughly with bleach at least twice a year. Dust and allergen impurities can be reduced by cleaning out air ducts, frequently dusting and vacuuming and also by getting one or more air purifiers.

Indoor air quality testing mold presence can be done but the results will more than likely be that you could use an air purifier and also that there is mold present in your home. It is very common for both of these situations to be true in many homes.

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