Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen car is a type of car which would use hydrogen as the source of fuel instead of the traditional fuel resources.

There are some companies who have begun developing cars that would hydrogen as fuel while there are many companies who still are researching and working on the feasibility structure of producing cars that would run on hydrogen.

Since hydrogen fuel is not a natural fuel resource that is found on earth, it has to be produced. Hydrogen fuel can be produced from resources such as fossil fuels, methane, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy.

The chemical energy of hydrogen first needs to be converted into mechanical energy. This can be done by a chemical reaction of mixing hydrogen and oxygen. It can also be done by burning hydrogen in a combustion chamber or equivalent.

There are two types of hydrogen cars. The first type of car that works on hydrogen use engines called “Internal Combustion Engines” which are very similar to the current traditional car engines. These internal combustion engine cars use compressed liquid hydrogen which mixes with the natural oxygen in the air. The second type of car works on hydrogen use a hydrogen fuel cell. This hydrogen fuel cell includes a pile of fuel cell chambers via which the hydrogen gas flows through and at the same releasing electrons that collect into a battery kept for this purpose. This results in generating power for the electric engine of the car.

Cars using hydrogen as an alternative to the conventional fuel would be of great help to the people and the environment. The byproduct of hydrogen is pure and clean water. Hence it becomes the best possible fuel option helping in keeping our environment free from pollution. It also helps in reducing global warming.

These cars would be initially expensive as the infrastructure cost of companies producing hydrogen based cars is very high. However hydrogen being easily available all across the earth in high quantity would be a great advantage as hydrogen as a fuel would easily available.

People can save a lot of money on hydrogen based cars as they are more fuel efficient providing a lot of fuel savings to people all across the world. Another major advantage of hydrogen based cars running on hydrogen fuel cells is that they emit very low noise as compared to the conventional engines of the current world cars.

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