How To Grow Roses

Do you want to know how to grow roses organically? Planting a beautiful rose garden is a dream for many. Roses are the queen of flowers and they add elegance to your garden. They are widely grown flowers famous for their beauty and fragrance. Roses come in a variety of different colors. They are vulnerable to several diseases like rose black spot, powdery mildew and rose rust. These problems can be solved by spraying chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is also possible to grow roses in your garden without using any harsh chemicals. Growing roses organically can provide you with the most beautiful flowers in all seasons.

Tips To Grow Roses Organically

• It is important to select a particular rose variety that suits your area and climate. If you live in areas that are hot and humid, you can select tea roses. On the other hand, if your area is cold and has frigid winters, you can plan to grow shrub roses, rugosas and damasks.

How To Grow Roses
• It is important to choose a site in your garden that receives a lot of sun to plant your rose. It is worth leaving one foot of space around the plant, to ensure good air circulation. This also helps reduce the chances of leaf diseases.

• While buying rose plants, check whether the stems are free from blemishes. If you want to buy potted roses, be sure to check the stems and leaves.

• You have to prepare the soil by adding organic matters like compost, leaf mold, green manure etc. They feed the microorganisms, which in turn release the nutrients into the soil, when they decompose the organic matter. If you spray pesticides, it not only kills the insects but also the beneficial microorganisms.

• It is important to understand how to grow rose organically. The natural soil environment swarms with bacteria, nematodes, earthworms and other organisms. All these organisms form harmonious relationship with roses.

• A well drained soil promotes health roots for your rose plants. The healthy roots deliver water and other essential nutrients. If drainage is a problem in your garden, consider raising the bed.

• It is advisable to water the roots of the plants and not the foliage giving special attention to the lower leaves.

• Roses naturally release exudates from their roots that attract beneficial organisms. These organisms help protect them from predatory insects and pests.

• You can soak a bare-root rose in compost tea for 5 to 6 hours before planting. You need to dig the hole deeper and wider than the roots.

• Mulching your rose plants is important to prevent weeds. You can fertilize the soil regularly with organic rose foods.

• You must water the rose plants regularly during the planting period.

• Pruning the rose bushes can help them grow well. It improves air circulation and encourages bloom. It is important to prune the rose plant at the right time. Spring is the best period for pruning.

Knowing how to grow roses and plants generally in an organic manner helps protect the environment. If your plants get infected, try to resolve the issue through organic methods. Do not use systemic pesticides that would disturb the balance.

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