Home Air Purifiers
Facts to Consider Before Buying One

Have you considered home air purifiers? Air impurities are all around and lurk both indoors and out. The fact is, however that indoor air pollution is 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. That means, the real trouble begins once you walk into your front door, no matter how clean you keep your house.

Most air impurities cannot even be seen but they are there none-the-less. A good home air purifier can remove the impurities you can see and even those you can’t. House air purifiers are similar but are not all exactly the same. While they all use some sort of filter system, some use the most effective air purifiers such as the HEPA filter to clean the air.

Air purifiers for the home also come in a large variety of sizes depending on your needs. You can find personal units all the way up to whole house units. Some people just want one, for instance, for their bedrooms while others want whole house air purifiers.

Home Air Purifiers
There are also portable personal air purifiers.

What Home Purifiers Get Rid Of

Air purifiers can rid a house (or a room) of impurities seen and unseen. This includes dust, pet dander, pollen, most airborne allergens, smoke and most odors associated with indoors including smoking and cooking odors. They also pick up mold spores, viruses and other fungus which could ultimately cause a lot of health problems. Air purifiers are designed to pick up as much of the airborne impurities as possible, which is why most of them have several filter systems including a carbon filter and a HEPA filter.

What Kind of Air Purifier to Get

Individual needs are going to vary but the most practical would be the whole house air purifier with the HEPA filter. There are circumstances where one may only need a room air purifier (such as if they are borders or not the owners of the home). Ionic air purifiers are a great choice, because they perform quietly and to perfection. An Ozone air purifier can also remove odors from the air. Try to find one with the best energy rating (those are listed on the units) and also those that cover the biggest area for the cost. It may take a little comparison shopping but you want to get the best deal for your money while also getting the cleanest air possible from your new home air purifier.

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