Home Air Filters

Home air filters are inside most air purifiers, regardless of the size. In fact, there are normally more than one filter in each air purifier. The reason for this is to ensure that all of the impurities are trapped inside the air purifier so that clean air goes back into the room or house.

HEPA filters have become well known as being one of the most efficient filters available. HEPA removes 99.9% of the impurities in the home. Another type of whole house air filter is carbon, which is also effective in trapping impurities. Whole house air filters are the largest, but they do the same thing as the smaller ones.

Air filters for the home are sometimes referred to as furnace filters which basically keep the heating coils and air exchanges on heating and air conditioning clean. Dirty air filters in the heating/air conditioning will affect the efficiency of the units.

Home Air Filters

How Often Should Air Filters Be Changed?

It depends on the size of the filter and also the need. The average given time is about 6 months but if you really want to keep the air fresh and clean, changing the air filter every 3 months would be more practical. You will be able to see when you change it how much dirt and contaminants it has trapped. If it is filthy at 3 months, consider changing it monthly. You can start out at 4-6 months and see how the home air filter works and base future changes on that.

Air Filter Sizes

There are a wide variety of sizes when it comes to air filters. There are very small ones, very large whole house air filters and everything in between. There will be a size given on the filter that is already installed. If you are buying a new air purifier, that information will be in the package as well as other information. You’ll want to buy the correct size for your particular unit to ensure that it runs properly. Filters can be found at hardware stores and many large retail stores as well.

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