Herbal Sleep Remedy

Herbal sleep remedy is safe and promotes relaxation allowing you a very deep sleep. Good sleep is essential for everyone. If you sleep well, you can lead a healthy life. If you are unable to enjoy a good night’s sleep and are considering taking sleeping tablets, wait! Before you reach out for them, try some of these herbal remedies first.

Effective Herbal Remedy

• If your sleeping problem is caused by work stress or tension, you can take a cup of tea made of herbs like chamomile and catnip. These herbs . They calm the nerves and let you sleep peacefully.

• Passion flower is a useful herb that induces sleep and relieves body pain. It was used in the olden days as a sedative. One of its major constituent’s harmine induces mild euphoria. You can take this herb five minutes before going to bed.

Herbal Sleep Remedy
• Valerian is the most effective herbal sleep remedy. It improves the quality of sleep to a great extent. You can take this herb, before going to bed. Valerian is used to treat muscular cramps, uterine cramps and intestinal colic. It also reduces caffeine stimulated muscular activity and ensures sound sleep.

• Kava Kava is another effective herb that offers you with relaxation and deep sleep. It causes euphoria and enhances dreams. However, this herb is not safe to be used in liver patients.

• Jamaica dogwood is an effectual herb that provides relief from disturbing persistent thoughts, which is one of the major reasons for sleeplessness. You can take it orally or use it in your bath water.

• Hops are herbs used to treat mild insomnia. It provides great relief from headaches, restlessness and indigestion.

Herbal Sleep Remedy
• Lemon Verbana has mild sedative properties that encourage good sleep and can be taken internally.

• Herbs can be used to massage your body. Chamomile and lavender oil are used to relax your body and mind and encourage deep sleep. You can use these oils in your bedroom to create a relaxing environment that induces good sleep. Lavender oil contains antioxidants and can be taken internally as well. It allows you to rest peacefully. It eases anxiety, which is common during pregnancy and promotes sound sleep.

• Orange flower in warm water taken with little sugar is effective in treating mild insomnia.

• Californian Poppy induces sleep and calms your mind. It is a great herb that can be used to treat menopausal insomnia. It is recommended for children who suffer from sleeping disturbances.

• You can try a simple herbal sleep remedy before retiring to bed. Take four nutmegs and grind it to a fine powder. Take this powder every day to enjoy deep sleep.

Herbal Sleep Remedy

• You can take the root of the Piper longum plant and make fine powder from it. Add some jaggery and add the mixture to a warm glass of milk. Take this every day before going to bed. This is very effective in treating insomnia.

• A cup of warm milk with honey also promotes good sleep.

• Take ripe banana with roasted cumin seeds after dinner. This is a simple remedy for sleeplessness caused by indigestion.

• Try foot bath with peppermint oil. It soothes aching muscles and reduces pain allow you a deep and relaxing sleep.

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