HEPA Air Filter

The HEPA air filter stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air”. They had their start in the 1940’s with the Manhattan Project and were made to prevent the spread of radioactive contaminants. It worked so well it went commercial in 1950. HEPA itself is trademarked but it is also a generic term for extremely efficient air filters.

Over the years, demands increased for higher and higher air quality and HEPA kept delivering. It is still known to be high standard among air filters. Even when units have other filters as well, they will include a HEPA filter too.

Today, air filter HEPA remains king. Most people feel confident buying anything that includes the word “HEPA” on it because of the years of good reputation it has behind it. It is not only in the world of air filters that HEPA plays a part, however.

Air Filter HEPA

Other Uses for HEPA

Nuclear power plants use HEPA to stop the transfer of dangerous particles. They are used with activated carbon filters. HEPA is also used in medical facilities to prevent infection. An ultraviolet blue light is also sometimes used to kill off remaining bacteria. Vacuum cleaners have been using HEPA filters for some time now. Basically, they stop the dirt that you are vacuuming off of the carpet from going back into the air. Airlines also use HEPA to reduce the number of airborne pathogens that can be inside of an aircraft.

HEPA For Home Use

Most of us just want to come home to a place that we know is relatively safe and protected. That include the air we breathe. Having HEPA filters in our homes mean that there is very little, if any contaminants in the air. Indoor air pollution has been proven to be 10 times worse than outdoor pollution so we want something we can trust to do the job. Air filters HEPA do the job and then some. And if we are using HEPA in our air filters and vacuums and heating units, we can be very sure that the air is nearly 100% clean of pollutants, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Now that is the kind of reassurance everyone wants.

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